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In the chaos of emotions, some short and sweet advice can be very useful. And it’s not only about what you should do, but also what you shouldn’t...

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Accessing a safe abortion: Dos and don’ts

In India, the problem with abortion isn’t about legality– it’s about accessibility. The challenge is to make women aware that it is legal and can be done safely.

Phone sex - Top tips for you to make it fun!

Longing for your partner while they are away? Phone sex is a great way to stay connected and add some spice to your love life – long-distance or otherwise! We have some tips for you on turning the heat up with phone sex...

Rishte hi rishte: do’s and don’ts on matrimonial websites

Matrimonial websites have long replaced the rishta karane wale uncle and aunties. Here are top tips to make the online new rishta makers work for you!

How to have a good wedding

You’ve often dreamed about your wedding day, and now it’s finally in sight! Love Matters has a few tips for you to have the perfect day to tie the knot!

Dealing with street sexual harassment, here's how

If you’re a woman in India, street sexual harassment or eve teasing is a dismal reality. But that doesn’t mean you need to put up with it. Dealing with harassment situations can be daunting, but a little preparation and technique can go a long way to make you more confident and skillful in your response.

Role-playing: do's and don'ts

Role-playing is a fun way to liven up your sex life. It gives you the chance to act out your fantasies. Here are our suggestions for a night of role-playing pleasure

Does your sex life need a timeout from social media?

Let’s face it: we are all addicted to our phone and spend a lot of time on it daily. But is social media also entering our bedrooms? And could it possibly affect our sex life and connection with our partner? We weigh the evidence.

Home pregnancy test - Do's and Don'ts

If you are wondering how to check pregnancy at home, the answer is Home pregnancy tests (HPTs). They have revolutionised the way women find out whether they’re pregnant or not. Let’s run through some things to keep in mind while using HPT kits.

Asking your crush out: Do’s and Don'ts

Girls, we need to start doing what men have been doing for ages. Asking them out! Women are climbing corporate ladders, flying planes and breaking sports records but we still won't ask our crushes out. Why? Here are a few do’s and don’ts when you ask your crush out.

When a friend comes out: Do’s and don’ts

Coming out can indeed be stressful for various reasons. Friends can be of great help in this phase. Yet, sometimes, unknowingly, they might end up saying things that are far from helpful! Here’s our guide to how you can make it smoother for a friend who’s coming out to you.

Casual sex: do's and don'ts

Sometimes all you want is fun – casual, uncomplicated, no strings, no drama, no commitments. If you’re up for casual sex, how can you keep it safe, uncomplicated and pleasurable? Check out our do’s and don’ts.

Arranged Marriages: Do’s and Don’ts

Arranged marriages are a norm in India. Are you planning to get married to a partner chosen by your family or relatives? Read our do's and don'ts before you take the plunge...