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How to have a good wedding

You’ve often dreamed about your wedding day, and now it’s finally in sight! Love Matters has a few tips for you to have the perfect day to tie the knot!


  • Decide together
    Sit down together and discuss what you want from your wedding. Take your significant other’s opinions on board as well. Decide whether you want a small wedding or a destination wedding in Thailand and then you can start planning knowing exactly what your plan is.
  • Do have someone to help you
    You may be tempted to do everything on your own in order to make sure that it’s done exactly the way you want it to be, but the headache and tension is not worth it. Instead get some help – maybe your mom, best friend, cousins or even a wedding planner – or someone you trust with handling all the arrangements.
  • Do plan out your schedule for the wedding day
    The easiest way to avoid unnecessary chaos and stress on the wedding day is to have planned your schedule well in advance. Let everyone close to you know what they’re going to be doing, co -ordinate with your hair and make-up stylist, the mehndi-artist and the caterer so that there are as few hiccups as possible. Make all your arrangements well in advance, so that you can relax and enjoy your big day.
  • Do be in touch with your partner
    It could happen that you’re so busy planning the wedding, that you’ve lost touch with your other half. So schedule some quality time for the both of you alone, talk to each other about any anxieties or concerns that you may have regarding the wedding.


  • Don’t rush
    There’s no rule that a wedding has to take place within a year of the engagement. If you or your partner feel that the time isn’t right just yet for the wedding for any reason, whether it’s career, money or otherwise, you can always have a long engagement. Think of it as time to get to know each other in a whole new light, to figure out exactly what you’d like for your wedding and to plan for a lifetime together. The extra amount of planning time will also keep your stress levels down!
  • Don’t let others completely take over
    With most Indian weddings, parents, relatives and friends end up taking over the whole event planning. If you’re comfortable with that, great, kick back and relax. But if you think you need to have a say in how things are done, put your foot down and make your voice heard.
  • Don’t be afraid to be nervous
    Marriage is a big step, so don’t feel that your pre-wedding jitters are not normal. Everyone goes through this and it’s only natural to have doubts about the lifetime commitment that you are making. Instead talk it over with someone you trust, discuss it with your fiancé and figure out the way to move on.
  • Don’t go over-budget
    It may be hard to stick to your pre-planned budget, especially when your cousin’s wedding last year had over 2,000 guests and Shah Rukh Khan dancing at his sangeet. Instead, look at the positive side, instead of random guests; you’ll have the love and support of those whom you really care about on the happiest day of your life!
  • Don’t get caught up in the hype
    It’s a day you’ve been looking forward to for very long and you’ll want to get every detail right, but don’t freak out too much if little things go wrong. It’s not the day itself that matters, but the person standing beside you and the commitment and trust you’ve put in each other. Focus on the joy of having the one you love beside you and all your loved ones celebrating the occasion. Don’t forget to laugh at the unexpected events that may happen. Not everything will go the way you expect it to, so be flexible!

This article was first published on Feb 27, 2015. The persons in the picture are models. 

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