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Phone sex - Top tips for you to make it fun!

Ways to Make Love
Longing for your partner while they are away? Phone sex is a great way to stay connected and add some spice to your love life – long-distance or otherwise! We have some tips for you on turning the heat up with phone sex...

How to have a good wedding

You’ve often dreamed about your wedding day, and now it’s finally in sight! Love Matters has a few tips for you to have the perfect day to tie the knot!

Fresh breath for fresh kisses

Meeting someone
Imagine you're leaning in for the big kiss, and your partner backs away. Horror of horrors, right? Here are some tips on fresh breath for your perfect kiss...

Six myths on how to increase penis size

Male body
You've probably seen ads on how to increase penis size in the newspapers, on the internet and even in the trains! But do they really work? Love Matters has the scoop…

Tips to recover from cheating in marriage

Marriage troubles
Has your partner cheated on you? Or are you the one who’s unfaithful and your partner knows? What next? Trust Love Matters to help you solve your dilemma.

How to have a great Valentine's Day

Happy relationships
It’s Valentine’s Day soon and we know you'd like it to be special for you and your partner. Love Matters has some tips for you on celebrating, whether you’re in a relationship or single!

Wedding night sex: do's and don'ts

No matter how well you know your partner or how little, wedding night sex can still be tense. After the stress of the wedding, you may well feel nervous about the sex – especially if it's your first time. Read on to find out how to cope.

Tips: Using a matrimonial site

Meeting someone
Whatever the reasons, you've decided to sign up for a matrimonial website. What next? Love Matters has a few tips on how you choose the person you want to meet...

Top tips: Living with your in-laws

Married Life
In India, you're not just marrying the man, you're marrying his family. If you find yourself looking for tips on how to live amicably with your in-laws, here they are:

Foods that increase our desire for sex

Making Love
Claims have always been made that certain foods can raise your sexual desire. How does it work though? Which foods are best? Love Matters explores the facts behind aphrodisiacs.

Inter-caste marriages: Top Five Facts

Inter-caste marriages are rising in number and that makes it important to have more knowledge and information about what they actually entail. Read on to find out crucial facts about inter-caste marriages.

Moving in together: do's and don'ts

Love and relationships
Moving in together is a big step for a couple to take. You’re head over heels in love, and living together may be the best thing that could happen to you. Or not! So here are our tips for live-in love.