Inter-caste marriages are rising in numbers

Inter-caste marriages: Top Five Facts

Inter-caste marriages are rising in number and that makes it important to have more knowledge and information about what they actually entail. Read on to find out crucial facts about inter-caste marriages.
  1. What is inter-caste marriage?
    Inter-caste marriage is when the couple belong to the same religion but to different sects and communities. Today, with young men and women coming in closer contact, especially in urban cities, inter-caste marriages are on the rise. The Supreme Court of India too has stated that inter-caste marriages are in 'national interest' and help to unify the country. 
  2. How it began
    When you begin to doubt yourself in an inter-caste union, remind yourself why the caste system was established in the first place – to classify people according to their occupations, each with its own rules and customs. With this specialisation of society, each member knew their role. Today however, few people stick to their caste-driven professions and therefore, the caste system is out-dated. 
  3. Subtle differences
    Marrying someone from a different caste can throw up several differences and issues between you. For instance, he may be a meat-lover while she is a staunch vegetarian. These may seem like minor differences but they can develop into major obstacles later on, so it's best if the two of you sit down together and discuss how it will be dealt with. 
  4. Opposition
    Additionally, be prepared for your parents and those close to you to raise questions or oppose your decisions. Anticipate what their concerns could be and try to talk with them to sort it out. Don't lose your temper and convince them calmly of why this decision is the right one and that every marriage needs compromise and adjustment from both sides. Seek help from someone in the family you trust and who you feel will back you up. 
  5. Benefits
    It may seem rather much to talk about money when it comes to something as personal as marriage, but in order to encourage marriages between couples of two different castes, the governments of various states offer employment and monetary incentives. The West Bengal state government, for instance, offers inter-caste couples an incentive of Rs 50,000. In Tamil Nadu, inter-caste married couples are offered government jobs. 

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Yes, I do support inter caste system coz it when it comes to marriage every human has a right to his or her partner, and if its inter caste there is no harm coz we learn to know the different community and can solve the problem of discrimination against castes. Create a good relationship between communities as a plus point where as what exactly we want. When it comes to Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian it depend upon the couple how they take it but families do matter. But at the end I will say there is no harm in inter caste yet lot of hurdles. Government should come up with such plans to support inter caste.
Aman bete please koi bhi kadam uthane se pehle - jis mein caste, dharam, age, parents ka virodh jaisee stithi saamne aa rahee ho- apni family aur apne lawyer / vakeel/ local police thaane, aas-paas koi NGO se apne haq aur adhikaron ke baare mein poori jaankari lein. Yadi aap is mudde par humse aur gehri charcha mein judna chahte hain to hamare discussion board “Just Poocho” mein zaroor shamil ho!
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