how to increase penis size

Six myths on how to increase penis size

You've probably seen ads on how to increase penis size in the newspapers, on the internet and even in the trains! But do they really work? Love Matters has the scoop…

Myth 1: My penis is too small

Many are afraid that their penis is too small. They look for solutions on how to increase penis size. However, most likely what you may think is too small is actually the normal size. The average size is generally anywhere between 2-6 inches (6 and 13 cm) long when not erect. Smaller than that is a micropenis and is a very rare condition.

Myth 2: Your penis size is important to your partner

If you were to believe the advertisements on how to increase penis size, you would think that the size of your penis is of extreme importance to your partner. Remember that more than the size, it is about understanding your partner's needs and desires that matters more. It will give them greater satisfaction during sex. Just having a big penis will not necessarily satisfy your partner. Good sex involves good communication and understanding of each other’s needs.

Myth 3: Ads speak the truth

Do not try to convince yourself that enlargement products will instantly help you to increase your penile size. How safe and effective these products can be is still doubtful. By using them, you may expose unwanted risks to your body. In fact, reports have suggested that any increase in the size after the use of these products may be more psychological than physical.

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Myth 4: Using devices is safe

Don't believe in ads about how to increase penis size. While several types of penis enlargement devices are available, the most popular ones are the vacuum pumps and weights for stretching your penis. However, the vacuum pump can cause blisters as well as have blood vessels burst while stretching. It can also cause serious tissue damage.

Myth 5: You can significantly increase your size through penis enlargers

Using these products may increase your penis size, but be prepared to experience almost insignificant results. For instance, most of these products are likely to increase the size of your penis by a maximum of about half an inch, only if you're lucky. Also, there is no scientifically proven method that increases the size without any risks.

Myth 6: Enlargement products and surgery are the only options

There are some simple tricks that can make your penis seem larger than usual such as trimming your pubic hair. This will also help to increase sensitivity. Additionally, losing weight can also help your penis seem bigger.

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