Sex Myth Busters

Sex myths are the biggest menace ever. A contagious infection spreading from one ignorant person to another. It’s essential to find a cure before it turns into an epidemic. So here’s another Sex Myth Buster!

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Abortion: myths busted

Abortion is a topic people feel very strongly about, either in favour of or against it. And with all the myths there are, it's good to know which ones are wrong before making up your mind about abortions.

She & She: Top 5 Myths about lesbian sex

Many misconceptions float around when it comes to lesbian sex. Join us as we try and tackle some of these myths!

HIV/AIDS: Myths busted - Part 1

Many people are afraid of HIV and for good reason. Wherever there is fear, there is also lots of room for misconceptions. Don't worry though: we are here to bust the myths and leave you confident about your HIV knowledge.

Myth buster: Are all gays effeminate?

Can you tell if someone’s a gay based on their body language, clothes or appearance alone? Love Matters deflates six common myths associated with LGBT people.

Intimate Partner Stalking: Top 5 Myths

A classic type of intimate partner violence (IPV) is when a person tries to track and control his or her partner's behaviour. That's when showing a keen interest in a partner's life crosses the line into abuse. Check out our top five myths about intimate partner stalking.

Transgender: Top 6 myths

Who exactly is transgender? How much do we really know about the third gender? Love Matters busts six common myths about transgender people.

Zika: Five common myths busted

Since October 2015, 69 countries have reported evidence of local Zika transmission. As the virus spreads swiftly, Love Matters busts some most common myths about it.

Threesome: Top 6 myths

For most people, a threesome is just a wild fantasy. For others, it is a sexual disorder. What do threesomes really entail? Read along as we bust some myths!

Top five myths about gay relationships

We’ve all heard vague stereotypes about same-sex relationships. Most of them are baseless. This week, Love Matters busts five common myths about gay relationships.

Top 8 myths: Sexual health and safety

How well informed are you when it comes to STIs, birth control etc.? We bust some popular myths surrounding sexual wellbeing and safety.

Top 7 myths about body weight

Many of us struggle with feeling good about our weight. There’s nothing wrong with what we are blessed with. Love Matters debunks some most common myths around body weight…

Asexuality: Top 7 myths

Asexual people are often misunderstood for their lack of sexual desire. Can asexuality be treated? We bust top seven myths on the topic this week…