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How to increase your sperm count

Is there any way to increase your sperm count? Love Matters brings you some simple yet effective remedies you can try to improve your sperm count without medical intervention!

What are miscarriage symptoms?

Miscarriage symptoms can vary, depending on which stage of pregnancy you are. For some women, it happens so quickly that they do not even come to know they were pregnant before they miscarry.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy in first week?

Even before you miss your periods, you may sometimes get some early signs of pregnancy. But many early signs of pregnancy can sometimes feel similar to premenstrual symptoms too.

How to wear condoms - female condoms?

Female condoms be worn and removed at home on a need basis. Here is a quick guide to wear or how to use condoms for females effectively.

How to use condoms - male and female condoms

Wondering how to use condoms? Do you know how to wear condoms? Here's a quick guide to use best condoms in the best way - both male condoms and female condoms.

How to avoid pregnancy?

Myra’s periods are now late by a week. Her first time sex experience with Vian was now turning into a nightmare because there was a real chance she could be pregnant. Wish she knew how to avoid this situation beforehand. If you too need help on how to have sex without the fear of an unwanted pregnancy, this article is for you.

How do girls get an orgasm?

Hi Aunty ji, how do girls know when they have an orgasm? My boyfriend asks me how often if I've come after sex. But I don't have an answer. Sanah, 18, Pune.

My classmates were watching porn!

When Sukriti found out that her friends in college were watching porn, she panicked! Porn and girls! Was she in the wrong company? Should she change colleges? Sukriti shares her story with Love Matters India.

Clitoris: All the facts on the ‘love button’

Love Matters gets you all the gyaan on the female organ, whose job is to sit back, relax and generate orgasms. Now, is that good life or what!

Arranged marriage, love marriage: what’s best?

Arranged marriage – outdated? Love marriage – a risky business? What do young Indian people today think? We hit the streets of Mumbai with a camera to ask them.

Have you tried the cowgirl pose?

Think of sex between a man and a woman and you immediately picture men on top. But what happens when women take to the top. Six men tell us their straddle tales.

Head over heels for your classmate: Could it be infatuation?

Do you feel on cloud nine when she walks into the room? Does Ranbir Kapoor immediately take over your heart, when he smiles, convincing you of true love? Errr...hold your hormones and take stock. Could it be infatuation?