Sleeping with my maid
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'I'm sleeping with my maid'

By Nehaa Singh Khamboj Monday, December 22, 2014 - 11:30
“If I hadn’t lost my virginity to my maid, I’d still be the same sexually frustrated guy sitting in a corner too scared to talk a girl. This isn’t love. We need to satisfy our sexual appetites and that’s our deal,” confesses Ravi.

Ravi is a 24-year-old IT professional based in Gurgaon.

I’ve been sleeping with my maid for the past one year. With a hectic work schedule and many weekends spent at office, I couldn’t find the time (and sometimes even the will) to meet and build a romantic relationship with other women.

The fact that I was a virgin didn’t do much for my confidence. I’ve always fantasied about how I’d make out with a girl. Foreplay, oral pleasure and then mind-blowing sex throughout the night, I’ve dreamt about it all! However, just the thought of approaching a girl and I’d break into a sweat.

Consoling sex

Nisha started cleaning the house and cooking my meals about two years ago. She is young, married and attractive. Our relationship was typically formal but cordial, similar to what you see in most homes.

One day I saw her crying in the kitchen and upon inquiring she broke down and spoke about her alcoholic husband who would get physically abusive every time he got drunk. I consoled her and soon we were hugging and kissing. Sex followed rather quickly and naturally. Soon we would be going at it six or seven times a week and sometimes twice in a day. After all, I had to make up for lost time.

Better than a brothel

I try love-making positions I’ve seen in porn movies and experiment with something new each time. I’m learning how to pleasure a woman and more importantly myself! Initially I’d come quickly and it was all over before it even began, especially for her. Now, I can go on for several minutes each time and make love for longer.

Besides taking care of my sexual needs, Nisha, didn’t judge how good or bad I was in bed. And I think this arrangement, for me, is a million times better than going to a brothel. I give her extra money and buy her a few gifts at times. She seems content, because till now she hasn’t asked me for anything.


My best friend, Naveen, knows my deal with my maid Nisha. Although he understands why it happened he doesn’t approve of it. “We aren’t living in the era when Maharajas slept with servants and didn’t have to worry about consequences. Nisha may get greedy and blackmail you. Or worse, if you upset her, she’ll lodge a complaint with the police and charge you for rape!” he said.

I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t worried about what Naveen said. I do fret about getting into trouble and have even imagined her liquor-soaked husband running after me with a knife, so I try to be cautious. I always wear a condom and never make a move without her consent. I‘m not in love with her and she doesn’t seem to have any “lovey-dovey” feelings for me.

I’m certain our liaison will end soon. But in the meantime this is what I want. And with all the practice I’m getting, it’s likely my future sex partners will be extremely satisfied and impressed with my love making skills, to say the least!

First published on 10-03-2014.Additional photo credit: Gamut Stockimages

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Wed, 12/21/2016 - 17:04
Same situation was with me when I was working in Haryana in a MNC. Same name maid was working at my houses and same things happened. Few days later she left this place with his all belongings but my story with her haven't ended as she was is in contact with me till and also meeting her occasionally and having sex. But later I came to know she has innocent behaviour but except me she is also in relationship with others man. I don't how far is her relation but u caught her talking to few guys two times.
Dear Ravi. Married women are married women. This might be a difficult equation to solve as an IT engineer in draughty gujurat. But hey, let's leave married women to their husbands? I can see how being noble might come in the middle of things and how shiny your armour must look every time you save this woman from the drudgery of a failed marriage. But no damsel is truely in distress till she has to choose between her drunk husband and that guy who gives her gifts while field-testing his missiles for a moon launch. My suggestion is get a new friend. Maybe a girl this time. But quit having sex with the maid. Don't put on your Shiney armour. Sheath your sword. Don't give Kamasutra more ad material. Take matters into your own hands if needs be. If all else fails. Write to penthouse. Noble natwarlal says : Help a maid in need. Not bed a maid in greed.
I want to get my maid to have sex but how should I get her please give me some tip I am 15 years old but still I want to get her just once .she has two children but she has a lot of problems staying with her husband ...
There is no way to seduce you own maid, you mad boy!! Are you crazy? Has she given you any reason to believe she want to have sex with you? Here read this and beware that she does not get wind of your “desires and fantasies” If you would like to join in on a further discussion on this topic, join our discussion board, "Just Ask”
Yes, but in this question, there are no consenting 'adults', the guy is 15. The maid in question is married and has given no reason to believe she wants to have sex with Sandy. There's a power-play involved here. Unwarranted sexual advances towards people who work for you, is harassment. It's not right to assume the help will provide sexual services, as well. Got it, Boppee? If you would like to join in on a further discussion on this topic, join our discussion board, "Just Ask”
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