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I wanted to slap my daughter

Unsure about being pregnant?
‘How could Lavi and Rohit be so careless!’ Lavanya’s teenage pregnancy had shocked her mother Shobita. She didn’t know whether to punish her daughter or take her to a doctor. What would you do? Kya Doge Saath?

How we rebuilt our relationship after an abortion

Unsure about being pregnant?
Ratan had been dating for a year when he found out his girlfriend was pregnant. They had no choice except abortion. Read how they rebuilt their relationship after the heart breaking incident…

The never-ending story of ‘adjustments’

Love and relationships
Is this a women’s hostel? Or a jail? A hospital unit? Or a Coronavirus quarantine cell! Now don’t laugh, time kharab chal raha hai...It’s overcrowded and the women are arguing. A doorbell rings and the argument in the room becomes heated. Why are they fighting and where are we?

Thappad – A slap on ‘chalta hai’ attitude in marriage

Thappad shows the reality of many Indian households where men can do anything and get away with it easily – even physical abuse! Love Matters condemns domestic violence and gives Thappad it’s stamp of approval for shining a spotlight on this issue.

Shubh Mangal Zyaada Saavdhan - Straight or gay, love is the only way

Sexual Diversity
In Shubh Mangal Zyaada Saavdhan, India gets its first mainstream, fully fledged same sex romcom where Ayushman Khurana and Jitender Kumar ( Kartik Singh and Aman Tripathi) play a same sex couple living a surprisingly unfussy life in Delhi.

Jawani Jaaneman - From a part-time lover to a full-time Dad!

Love and relationships
Jawani Jaaneman is 40 plus Jazz’s (Jaswinder Singh) coming of age story showcasing a complicated yet endearing relationship between a father and daughter.

'We stopped having sex because I was pregnant'

Making Love
*Karan and *Ritu stopped having sex when they found out they were pregnant. The parents-to-be, who had an active sex life, thought they might harm the baby if they made love. Here’s their story on how they lost and found intimacy with each other.

Why are only women judged, when men too are responsible?

An unplanned pregnancy sent Nandini into a world full of judgment. The most difficult ones to handle were jibes that came from the doctor and nurses. But she wondered why they were directed only at her and not Sunil, who was equally responsible.

Setting boundaries for a better relationship?

Happy relationships
Does setting boundaries help in building trust? We asked some young Indians what limits they set for their partners in a relationship. Read their responses…

I could masturbate anytime, anywhere!

Making Love
Tarun was addicted to masturbation despite a great sex life. He would even do it in public spaces. Find out how he took control over his urges.

I was harassed for my big breasts!

Sexual Harassment
Myra faced sexual harassment at her new workplace on a daily basis. Her colleagues targeted her for having big breasts. Read how she overcame this dreadful harassment.

I had sex during periods and then...

Making Love
Vani enjoys being experimental when it comes to sex. Although she wasn’t keen on having sex during her periods she thought she’d try it once to see what the fuss was about. Read her experience…