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Period sex – what if he freaked out?

By Nehaa Singh Khamboj Monday, November 23, 2015 - 16:02
Vani enjoys being experimental when it comes to sex. Although she wasn’t keen on having sex during her periods she thought she’d try it once to see what the fuss was about. Read her experience…

Vani (23) is studying Mass Communications in Indore.

Worst thing ever?

It is safe to say I love having sex. My partner and I enjoy experimenting and we take pleasure in trying different sexual positions, role-playing and even use sex toys.

Our motto in bed is to try anything, at least once. The one thing I wasn’t eager to try was having sex during my periods. One of my girlfriends did it and she described it as the worst thing she’d ever done. Even the thought of having sex during those days seemed disgusting. Plus I had really painful cramps.

Just once

My partner Saby (24) read about during periods online. Some of the feedback said that having sex during that time actually helped to reduce cramps. In addition, lots of folks seemed to enjoy it and felt the experience made them more intimate. Reading about something and actually going through with it are two entirely different things!

Although Saby was keen on making love during my periods, he understood my hesitation and never pushed me to do it. He was never demanding, that made me warm up to the idea of at least trying it out once. I mean how bad could making love during my periods be?

Hormones or lack of sex?

A few weeks later Saby and I were making out at home. It was during my periods. I do feel I crave for more intimacy during that time. it’s the hormones or just the lack of sex!

It started with kissing, then upper body action and soon he was ready to penetrate… Saby looked at me and I knew what he meant. I said yes but I needed a few minutes.

I put a plastic sheet on my bed and a couple of towels on top. I cleaned my vaginal area with water and dried it with tissue. I was shivering and a little scared. What if it was painful? What if blood clots came out or I couldn’t stop bleeding? Even though Saby wanted to do this what if he freaked out?

Painless and comforting

Sensing my apprehension, Saby hugged me and got me to calm down. Soon we were kissing and shortly after we were making love. To my surprise penetration didn’t hurt me nor did I feel any cramps while we were having sex. In fact it was painless and rather comforting.

Especially for me, it was a trying time of the month. I agree bleeding felt a little uncomfortable. I was conscious that I may end up dirtying the bed! Since I was lying on my back during sex, gravity helped to minimize the bleeding. We both used a condom and cleaning up afterwards wasn’t much of deal.

Saby enjoyed the experience too. I think we both felt that any inhibitions we had about having sex during periods went away. I’m in no rush to have sex during my periods, but at least I have no serious hang ups about it either!

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