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Being a male escort taught me what women want

Nitin opted for an ‘offbeat’ job to pay his bills. He became a male escort. It landed him in a world where women ‘openly’ expressed their sexual wishes and desires. Nitin shares his story with Love Matters India.

*Nitin, 24, takes tuition for children in Delhi.


After my college was over, I did not get a job. I had some savings but not enough to sustain a life in Delhi. My parents stopped giving me money in the final year of college.

I tried to survive unemployment for more than one year but things were getting difficult day by day – rentals, food, phone recharge and much more. I had to do something.

I decided to call a man I had met last year at a party. He had asked me to join his ‘organisation’ but I was reluctant back then. However, things were different now.

Secretive business

*Bhushan was a businessman but his work was secretive. He ran a male escort agency.

Although initially awkward, I had now made up my mind to use my body to pay my bills.

The next day he took me to a private doctor’s home and got me tested for sexually transmitted diseases. After my reports came out okay, he asked me to wait for a few days.

Anxiety gripped me that night and I could not sleep. I got a text message from him the very next morning.

My first time

Bhushan messaged me a location, date and time. I bathed, got ready and wore my best clothes. The number of a car was informed to me via text. That was my first time, so I was nervous.

My client – a middle-aged, good looking woman, picked me up from outside a restaurant. I tried to hide my anxiety by smiling. We talked in the car about fashion and news but not about our personal lives. Being confidential was the rule and we both knew it.

She had a bottle of wine and we drank from the same glass when we reached the hotel she had booked. She cried as she talked about how lonely she was after her separation from her husband.

Next morning she gave me the money. A third of the payment was Bhushan’s share. She then took me for breakfast and we left with a promise to meet each other when she needed sexual services.

What a woman wants

In a span of a few months, I met various women. I realised they wanted me because despite having regular sex with their partners, their own desires had never been met.

One woman came to hug me while we slept naked in the same blanket. A few had never been kissed between their legs. There was also another woman who wanted me to go down on her and give her an orgasm.

My most interesting client was a young woman who was getting married soon. She wanted to see a guy strip at her commands. I obliged.

Calling it quits

On the nights when I didn’t go for work, I had to keep the clients entertained by sexting and video calling. For that, they gave me money and its share didn’t go to Bhushan. So it was a good deal for me. They had enough money to spend on their sex life and I had enough time to make their money worth it.

After three months I gave up escort work despite the demand for it. The money I had saved would last for the next six months, and that gave me an option to say no to. Presently my travel, food, and rent get managed well and I teach small kids in my locality for regular income until I find a job.

*To protect the identity, names have been changed and the person/s in the picture is/are models.

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