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Have you tried a home-made sex toy?

The idea of buying a sex toy sounds awesome but let’s accept one fact - they can be a wee bit expensive! What if we tell you that you all have some things at home that can be used as sex toys! Don’t believe us? Let’s tell you where to look!

For women 

Alone and craving some big Os? Rummage through your cabinets and you’ll find a treasure of tools that can come in handy, quite literally. Here are our top picks of household items that can double as sex toys for women: 

  • Electric toothbrush: Place the backside of your toothbrush head on your clit, press the ‘on’ button, sit back and enjoy. We recommend you keep a separate head for this. Using the same one to clean your teeth later isn’t particularly hygienic. Massagers also have the same effect. 
  • Hairbrush: The handle of your hairbrush can double as a dildo. Just make sure it is smooth and has the right shape. And don’t forget to slip a condom on it. 
  • Showerhead: A handheld shower can be a gateway to mind-blowing orgasms. Just hold it over your clit and let the water flow at your desired speed. 
  • Mobile phone: If you’ve ever felt your mobile phone vibrate between your legs, you know it has the potential to do the trick. But did you know there are apps that turn your phone into a vibrator? Download, launch, place the phone between your legs and feel waves of pleasure pulsate through your body. 
  • Bottlenecks: Any bottle with a smooth, long neck – particularly those made of glass – can be a practical alternative to dildos. But make sure you remove the lid and fill it up with some liquid otherwise it can create suction and get stuck inside. 
  • Carrots and cucumbers: Long vegetables such as cucumbers have been used as dildos for a long time. Make sure you wash them thoroughly and put a condom on it before you use it for penetration. Do not use these vegetables without the condom as you may risk them getting broken inside you and causing you internal injuries. Also do not use other vegetables or fruit such as a banana as you risk leaving the fruit parts inside which may cause infections. 

For men 

Men have to improvise a little when it comes to using household items as sex toys. But if you have the time and intent for it, it can be surely worth your while. Here are some that you can try: 

  • Toilet paper masturbator: Take a toilet paper roll and carefully remove the inner tube. In its place insert a latex glove, pulling it on top of the roll as well. Add some lube and knock yourself out. 
  • Sock toy: Not very different from a toilet paper masturbator but definitely more accessible. Take a sock, insert a latex glove, making sure the inner side is properly lined, squeeze some lube in. Enjoy a close recreation of vaginal penetration. 
  • Ice packs: Cold temperatures enhance the sensitivity of your genitals. If you want to try something offbeat, try masturbating by holding your penis between two ice packs. 
  • Banana peel: Banana peel can recreate the sensation of a real vaginal insertion quite closely, because of its texture and warmth. To use, neatly cut off the stem of a banana and squeeze the fruit out. Now, use the empty peel shell for masturbating. 
  • Old stuff toy: Want to recycle any old stuffed toy? Cut a hole into the toy’s exterior, put a condom on your penis and penetrate it.  

For couples 

Have you tried every conceivable new position and place to spice up your sex life to no avail? It’s time to change gears on the pleasure quotient with these DIY sex toys

  • Spatula: A plain and flat spatula can come in handy for spankings and add an element of kink to the act. 
  • Ice cubes: A readily available household item that can make you and your partner quiver with ecstasy. Roll them up and down each other's body or rub them on the genitals for heightened pleasure. 
  • Clothes pins: If you or your partner enjoy a little bit of tension during the act, you can use clothespins as nipple clamps. Just make sure that there are no rough edges or they don’t pinch too hard to avoid any pain or injury. 
  • Ties and scarves: Want to experiment with bondage? Pull out the scarves or ties from your wardrobe and use them to blindfold, gag or tie each other up. 
  • Washing machine: An external stimuli may well be just what you need for a stunning orgasm. The vibrations of a whirling washing machine can do the trick. Set your washing machine whirling, lean against it or hop on top as one partner penetrates the other. Make sure you both are wearing your rubber slippers and your washing machine is properly earthed unless you want to catch an electric current! 

Play it safe 

We have all heard horror stories about sexual experiments with household items gone wrong, leading to injury or a trip to the hospital. Save yourself the agony and embarrassment by practising necessary precautions: 

  • Always use a condom and lube to avoid infections and injury 
  • Don’t use anything with pointed or rough edges 
  • Don’t insert anything that can crack, splinter or break inside your body 
  • The same applies to electrical appliances. They’re best used for outward stimulation and are not meant for insertion 
  • Avoid using items that can create suction and get stuck inside 
  • Do not insert small objects in the vagina or anus. These can get lost inside 

With the right tools and the right precautions, you can take your sexual escapades to the next level without spending a dime. Make the most of it! 

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