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What is an ectopic pregnancy?

An ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy in which an embryo/fertilised egg grows in a location other than the inner lining of the uterus. Such a pregnancy is complicated if left unattended and can prove fatal.

Sex within the family – Points to consider

Love and relationships
Sex with a family member - At Love Matters, we receive many questions on this topic on our Discussion Board. So let’s talk about it.

Have you tried a home-made sex toy?

Making Love
The idea of buying a sex toy sounds awesome but let’s accept one fact - they can be a wee bit expensive! What if we tell you that you all have some things at home that can be used as sex toys! Don’t believe us? Let’s tell you where to look!

Crossdressing: Top facts

Sexual Diversity
‘She is a tomboy. Always dresses up like a man'. ‘Long hair, nail paints and a nose ring on a man?’ Why do people of one gender like to dress up in clothes that are socially not deemed fit for their gender. This is called crossdressing. Let’s find out more about it!

Before you say - ‘I love you’

Love and relationships
I love you. Three simple little words. A million ways to mess them up. No wonder, carrying them around in your head and the build-up to saying them out loud can fill you up with crippling fear. So what can you do ( or should not do) before you say these three words to someone. Read on.

For longer orgasms: Have you tried these toys?

Ways to Make Love
Whether you like to go solo or enjoy sex with your partner, sex toys can add an extra layer of fun! To help you get started we bring you a rundown on the popular sex toys in the market.

Breastfeeding – top facts

Why is breastfeeding so important? What can I do to increase my breast milk supply? My baby can’t latch! Have more such questions? Read this article.

How to increase sex time

Making Love
Khushi and Aman are getting hot and sexy in bed, things are beginning to get steamier; Khushi feels the rush in her body and is looking forward to a good session. Soon Aman enters her and he climaxes! Looks like a scene from your bedroom? Read on.

Life still very hard for LGBTQIA+ community

Sexual Diversity
It has been close to two years since homsexuality was declared legal in India. Life is still hard for couples from the LGBTQIA+ community, as they do not enjoy the same rights and freedoms as their heterosexual counterparts. Let’s see what these challenges are:

How to increase your sperm count

Our Bodies
Is there any way to increase your sperm count? Love Matters brings you some simple yet effective remedies you can try to improve your sperm count without medical intervention!

Living with family - how to maintain privacy

Love and relationships
If you have been living on your own – studying or working in a different city – this forced family time can seem like a Herculean summit to scale. Here is a survival guide on how to stay with parents, maintain privacy and retain sanity amid this Coronavirus lockdown.

How to date during a shutdown?

Love and relationships
Being confined at homes is not easy. Especially for lovers. For couples living together, it is a great opportunity to reconnect and fire up that spark all over again. For those of you in that early phase of dating, not being able to meet up, go out and do things together can truly make it seem like the worst of times. Except it doesn’t have to be that way. Read our article for such tips!