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When are you at your sexiest best?

By Harish P Monday, February 5, 2018 - 11:28
For many years, the idea that men reach their sexual peaks around the age of 18 and women in their early 30’s, has been popular. But is it really true? Read on as we bust some myths about sexual peaks…

Myth: Main attrah baras ka, tu tees ki?

So it’s a proven fact that men reach their sexiest best at 18 while women are late boomers. The women feel the sexiest when they are in their early 30s. The popular notion of sexual peaks comes from a 1953 report by the pioneer of sex research, Albert Kinsey. His sexual peak theory was based on the fact that women reported more orgasms in their early 30’s. Going by sheer hormonal count too, these ages would hold true. Studies confirm that men’s testosterone count starts peaking at the age of 18.

But these are not the only peak ages that studies have reported. A recent Australian study, for example, has reported that 58 percent women said that their libido was highest between 18-24.

Myth: Sexual peak means the pleasure one derives from sex

Whatever the age of sexual peak maybe, one thing is certain – we can’t define pleasure derived from sex in terms of sexual peaks! Because sex is psychological too. And the pleasure derived from sex isn’t based solely on the hormones pumping in your body! And many experts like to separate ‘genital peak’ which is purely physical (hormonal peak) from ‘sexual peak’ which is psycho-physical.

The degree of sexual pleasure depends on a whole lot of factors, most importantly on how comfortable you are with your partner, how healthy you are and emotionally mature you are. All of these parameters could peak at any age!

Myth: Sexual peak guarantees great performance

This is another misconception surrounding sexual peaks. Sexual peak is no free pass to great sexual performance. Sexual performance depends highly on the comfort level and also experience. Very few people get it right in the early stages.

A 35-year old man with lower testosterone count than an 18-year old is still likely to be a better performer in the bed due to sheer experience!

Myth: Looks matter you are the sexiest

This is not necessarily true. Feeling good about your body matters as much as how good a shape your body is in! It is all about being comfortable in your skin. And most people tend to lack the maturity in early years to be truly comfortable with who they are. The quality of sex would obviously benefit from a positive body image.

Looks don’t matter alone. Looks – coupled with maturity, experience, mutual consent, and sexual desires and pleasure positive approach helps you have a better sex life!

Myth: Your attractiveness depends on the age you feel the sexiest

No research study has really confirmed any relation between traditional ideas of sexual peak and attractiveness. Various studies do report wildly different ages of highest attractiveness. Some would say that the younger you are the better you look.

If these findings are true, then this would have nothing to do with women’s sexual peak age of early 30’s. Another survey, for example, places the age of best looks in early 30’s for both men and women. So, clearly, there is no conclusive way to place physical attractiveness on a weighing balance! And if there were, it would not tell us at what age people feel more beautiful, which is more important!

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