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Pills/herbs for better sex?

Making Love
We bet you all have heard of pills like Viagra that promise to keep you going on and on or our desi jadi booti Shilajit that increases the ‘mardana taqat’. But ever wondered how safe these sexual performance enhancers are? Should you take them or not? Love Matters is here to answer all your queries.

Top Facts: Puberty in Transgenders

Sexual Diversity
Pimples on your face, the growth of breasts and body hair, the beginning of menstruation and masturbation. Yes, these are signs of puberty in most boys and girls. But how do transgender individuals experience puberty?

Bachelor party horror: How paid sex cost me Syphilis

Safe Sex
What is it like to get a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) in a culture where sex itself is a taboo? Twenty-year-old Amit from Ranchi decided to lose his virginity to a sex worker. What happened thereafter made him almost suicidal...

Casual sex worked great for me

Breaking up
After Riya broke up with her boyfriend of six years, Amit, she never managed to find a new, serious relationship. So she started exploring something she'd never tried before: casual sex. She narrated her story to our LM writer Harish.

Myth buster: Are all gays effeminate?

Sexual Orientation
Can you tell if someone’s a gay based on their body language, clothes or appearance alone? Love Matters deflates six common myths associated with LGBT people.

Are we opening up to conversations on sex?

Love and relationships
India is the land of Kamasutra and Khajuraho and yet ironically sex is a topic that would make most of us blush if discussed outside the dim lights of our bedrooms. On this Independence Day, we revisit how conversations on sex and sexuality are, quietly and gradually, beginning to appear on India's chaitime charchas.

Are you addicted to your partner?

Love and relationships
Do you depend on your partner for almost everything? You think it’s love. Caution: Such relationships can be downright unhealthy and take a toll on your partner. Love Matters brings you the top symptoms of a codependent relationship.

The third gender: Everything you need to know

Sexual Diversity
Male or Female? We have been clicking these boxes forever on sarkaari and not-so-sarkaari forms. But there is now a brand new box that allows people, who do not think of themselves as male or female, to legally say so on all paperwork. Love Matters brings you all the facts on the third gender.

Gender transition: Top facts on reassignment surgery

Sexual Diversity
The process of moving from one gender identity to another (male to female or vice versa) is known as transitioning. Modern medical science provides two transitioning options - sex change surgery and hormone replacement therapy. Before deciding on one or the other, it is important to know the key facts.

Being intersex: Top five facts

Gender Diversity
In our explorations of the gender spectrum this week, we take a look at intersex people and see how they differ from trans-gendered people. Read our top five facts…

Sex work in India: Top five facts

Safe Sex
Ever wondered if sex work (prostitution) is legal in India? Or could your friend, who visited a sex worker last night, find himself in jail? Love Matters gets you a low down on the laws on sex work in India.

Top five LGBT dating apps in India

Meeting someone
Are you trying to find a partner or simply looking for a date? Stop here and read on. This week, we look at the top five dating apps in India for the LGBT community.