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Touch them right: Top five pleasure spots for men and women

By Harish P Monday, November 13, 2017 - 14:39
Do you think you know all about the human body when it comes to sex? Read on to find out if you know the well-established epicenters of pleasure for the bodies of men and women. And once you do, well what are waiting for!
For Her
The circle of pleasure

Surrounding the urinary hole of a woman, above her vagina, there is an erectile tissue - the corpus spongiosum - which is virtually a pleasure-mine to say the least. Fingering and licking this area during foreplay can be a great idea to more than warm her up for the action.

The button of fun

Medically, the clitoris is considered to be the female version of a penis. It is a hidden treasure of nerve endings and wherever the nerves end, the pleasure begins! This small button-like thing above the woman’s urethra can result in earthquakes of pleasure upon oral sex and even being stimulated by the male penis!

The bulbs of relief

Sometimes missing the mark could produce more pleasure than getting it in squarely could. On either side of the vaginal opening there are these vestibular bulbs. They get filled with blood upon excitement and are erectile just like the clitoris. Upon orgasm, the blood trapped here will be released in an incomparable blast of pleasurable relief.

The tickle corner

Moving further down could always be a good idea. The inner thighs are a bundle of nerve endings which become ultra-sensitive to any form of touch for that reason. Make sure you mix it up the next time by asking her if she’s up for some ticklish delights during foreplay!

The G-Spot

The G-spot is perhaps the most well-known yet the most infamous pleasure spot on the female body that yields to orgasm upon stimulation. Some 5-7 cm inside the vagina, on the frontal wall, this bumpy area is known produce great sexual pleasure when stimulated. Finger stimulation is as strong, if not stronger, as penetration. For the latter, doggy style and the cowgirl are the go-to positions!

For Him
The intersection of joy

On the underside of his penis, there is a lining around the meeting of his shaft and glans. This is the frenulum, which when fingered or licked constantly during oral sex can unleash a tsunami of pleasure in his body given that more nerve fibers intersect here than at any other place in his body!

The tongue 'tester’

Let the balls be shown some love sometimes!  There’s a sort of lining running along the middle of a man’s testes, more prominent on the lower parts. This is the raphe which, when played with the tongue in the right way, is known to work wonders in the male wonderland!

The wild spot

The spots where the shaft of his penis is attached to the scrotum and where his scrotum is attached to his body, when stimulated together could drive him wild for sure. It would be good use of your imagination to figure out novel ways of caressing this region. You could use wax, warm water, feathers- whatever works!

Hear this one

Strong on the outside, ticklish on the inside, ears are simply the most harmless looking pleasure-points of a man’s body. Fondle them, caress them, bite them and even whisper into them your strongest fantasies. They are one of those rare erogenous spots that can literally hear you!

The G-Spot

The walnut-sized, much prized prostate situated internally between the testes and the anus is called the G-spot for men. It is a place you can take your time exploring through his anus but once found can be as good as a pleasure-switch. Less pressure, more finesse is what does the trick here! Even when he is having performance problems this spot has been a proven go-to option that could reboot his entire mood.

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About the author: Harish Pedaprolu is a writer and academic based out of Mumbai, India. He has been writing and editing content for the last 6 years. He has also been researching and teaching philosophy at the university level for the past 5 years. He can be reached out on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

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