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Run down on common positions to make love

Do you know that sixty-nine is not just a number but the most sensuous technique to make love? And the cowgirl is not a style statement but a love position? Here’s some gyaan on five most common positions to make love that will make you sexually wise!
Man on top – Missionary

This is the most common sex position which allows both the partners to see each other’s face. The best thing about this position is that it allows the body to body contact with your partner since your bellies, arms, legs are in touch with each other. This position doesn’t allow the man to stimulate a woman’s clitoris while thrusting his penis, hence she has to make an active effort to do so. Not a favorable position for a woman but being on top does make a man orgasm faster.

Woman on top – Cowgirl

In this position, the woman can either face the man or face away from him. The latter is called reverse cowgirl. This position puts the woman in charge while the man may actively massage her breasts and back. Clitoral stimulation naturally happens in this position though the man may also additionally rub the clitoris for his lady to achieve an orgasm. This position misses the direct skin to skin touch that positions like missionary and side to side provide.

Doggy style

This is the most common and physically least stressful sex position among all rear entry positions. The woman simply kneels down and the man penetrates her from behind. For men who may have a difficulty in maintaining an erection, vaginal penetration from the rear is favorable because it provides more stimulus to the penis head and keeps the excitement high. When the woman’s face and arms are in touch with the bed, her butt is pushed a little outwards. It also becomes the go-to position for couples who practice or want to indulge in anal sex.

Side by side

In this position, the man and the woman lie face to face on their sides at the time of penetration. This position is very suited for couples where the partners are of similar physical built. The couple can kiss each other while touching each others’ body and genitals. Skin to skin contact that the doggy style misses, this position offers in plenty.

The partners can wrap their legs around each other for deeper vaginal thrusting. When the woman is facing away from the man while he penetrates her from behind, then it becomes rear entry side to side position.

Sixty nine - 69

This position is favorable for partners to simultaneously arouse each other during foreplay and also when they don't want to indulge in penetrative sex. In this position, one partner lies down while the other is on top in such a way that one partner’s genitals are near the other’s mouth. If the woman is on top she can control the length of the penis that goes into her mouth and also massage a man’s testicles during oral sex. When the man is on top, there is a high chance for discomfort for the woman while she gives him oral pleasure. This position can also be tried while lying side by side for better comfort.

There are a lot of other sex positions that you can try with your partner, with his/her consent. Important things to keep in mind before you go ahead and experiment in the bedroom is that your partner should be comfortable and your body must be agile and strong to try physically demanding sex positions.

PS - The article has been written keeping in mind a heterosexual man and woman couple.

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