my first kiss was gross
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My gross first kiss: his tongue was frantic!

“My first kiss was the most horrible one,” says Archana. “I'd been fantasizing about this for months and everything was perfect till he kissed me.”

Archana (name changed) is a Guest Relations Manager.

I had a huge crush on this really cute guy from college for months and we finally got talking at a friend’s farewell party. We got away from the party and ended up sitting together on the terrace.

He just kind of leaned in mid sentence and covered my mouth with his. Before I knew what hit me, he put his tongue into my mouth and started darting it in and out.

Awkward silence

His tongue was moving frantically in and out, lashing around in my mouth. I had expected my first kiss to be kind of slow, exciting but it turned out to be gross and completely unsexy.

Anyway after I recovered from the shock of it I pushed him away. But the awkward silence that followed was more horrible than the kiss and we didn’t speak to each other at all after that.

Word of advice: unless you know how to use it, keep your tongue leashed in.

Also, here are a few things you can avoid while kissing: 


  • Chew gum
    Spit out that gum before you kiss! You’re right to want to keep your breath fresh, but to keep chewing while kissing is plain bad manners. Now, we know that most of you score high on etiquette and this might sound pretty obvious, but it’s always good to get things straight, right? 
  • Start out with the tongue
    This is especially true for first dates, or if you don’t know each other too well and haven’t shared much intimacy yet. You could come across as being too pushy and you could intimidate your date if you start out thrusting your tongue into their mouth. Be sensitive to the way your partner is kissing you, and only respond with your tongue if you can feel they’re also taking the kiss in that direction. 
  • Slobber
    Nobody likes a saliva fest while kissing. If you think you’re being slobbery, hold back. Take a break and swallow the saliva down. That’s better than letting your partner fetch tissues to wipe the extra saliva off their face!

    And of course, the most important tip: relax and don’t worry about how you’ll perform. The key to good kissing is being immersed in it. So dive in and enjoy!

Person in the picture is a model. 

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Fri, 07/20/2012 - 03:26
I dated one guy who's breath was so offensive I wouldn't let him near me, much less kiss me.
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