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Is masturbation a bad habit?

By Auntyji Tuesday, December 30, 2014 - 10:50
I have a bad habit – masturbation. My friends make fun of me. In fact, I think of sex all day and I feel like having sex with any girl I meet. Do I have a mental sickness? Dhruv (19), Jabalpur.

Auntyji says… Oye, you don’t have a mental sickness puttar, you have a “society-made sickness.” Let me explain to you…

Past and present

To our country, which at one time celebrated sex and sexuality, pata nahin kiski nazar lag gayee. With passing of time, we have become very ashamed about sex and anything related to it. Unfortunately masturbation is often the first way in which adolescents understand their sexuality and that itself has been wrapped up in such a lot of myths. So many galat pahamee ki kehene ki hadh hee nahin.

It is as if all the world’s problems are because of masturbation. Not just this, even when we are growing up, everybody is so ashamed of their bodies. Girls are stooping, trying to hide their breasts; boys are hiding their moustaches or their breaking voices... Hain?! Yeh sab kya hai? All because samaaj is telling us, “I am watching you so don’t flaunt yourself.”

Most asked question

Now comes the question on masturbation or hastmaithun. Do you know how many boys write to us about this? Are you even aware? A very large part of the questions we respond to on this website and on Facebook are on this only!

Hastmaithun is one of the most discussed issues in the world, I think, and is pe you will find so many opposing views. So you better choose carefully. Beta Dhruv, there are many more boys like you who think they have a mental sickness, so you better relax.


Puttar ji, I am not going to waste my time telling you about masturbation, this website is full of information about it, and myths about masturbation too. Bas, aape vee kuch kar liyeo, but I will talk about two things here.

Is every women a sex object?

Objection sustained

First toh yeh gal ki, the minute you see any girl, you want to have sex with her, hain?! Kuddiyan koi toys hain? This is something you may want to work on, puttar Dhruv. The point is – how do you look at women, what type of relationships do you make, is every relationship based on sex for you? Is every women a sex object?

No, not! So get a grip jee, and stop this tamasha. Women are definitely not sex objects and to see them in that light is insulting and very disrespectful, to say the least. Imagine some girl is dealing with you as a friend, or as a colleague and all you can see in her is sex, sex, sex?

Batao, yehi baat je kuddi nu pata lag gayee naa, tenu padenge garam garam! And let me also tell you, beta, this attitude will get in your way of making any meaningful relationships with women, so you better work on this aspect first.

Dost or duffers

Ab rahee baat doston ki!... Who are these dosts? Just because you have told them about your “condition” they are happily making fun of you, but are you sure they too are not in the same boat? Masturbation kare toh they are like, “Hawwww,” na kare toh they are like, “Something amiss in you man!”

Do you really want to discuss this with them? Wasie kehne ko toh kuddiyan are always labelled as being the ones who talk about their private issues, but as we can see, this is a stereotype and men do talk about sex to their pals, sometimes a bit too much maybe!

Ab you are going to say, “Har ladki ko dekh ke mujhe bada sex jaagata hai.” Then obviously you are going to be the laughing stock of the colony! And if this gets around, every girl is going to call you, “Jaagtey raho Dhurv!”

Chal hun. Relax reh. Play some games, some activities, join a gym, go for a run... don’t spend your whole day masturbating or thinking about how to do it or how to not do it, but thinking about it is all right!

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