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I'm bored of sex – what should I do?

By Auntyji Tuesday, July 5, 2016 - 00:00
Auntyji, I’ve been sexually active with my bf and another girl since I was 19. I’ve had too much sex. Honestly, I am bored of it. Should I be worried? Gargi (26), Goa

Auntyji says… Hahahahaha puttar, is there a cap on sex? Is there something called sex ka ghada bhar chuka? I wonder really!

In a matter of course

So beta, yeh hai ki you may just be too bored or just have had enough for now. Maybe you are just not excited enough or maybe you are just going through a phase of being bored with sex. The thing is, beta Gargi, this is no aberration or sickness. You need not worry at all about what’s going on with you. It can be just one of these passing phases.

The more commonly used rule is when sex is interfering with the rest of your life. If it’s getting in your way of leading a regular life, if you can’t work or if you can’t do your daily chores – then we may say, you must take a break. If it’s nothing like this, you are completely fine. You might be bored with your sex life, but you haven’t had too much sex!

Sex on the side lines

Gargi, how is life otherwise? Kya chal raha hai? Are you ok with life and times spent with your partners? Are you excited enough? Are you motivated to do other activities? Are you following your dreams? Are you doing the stuff you love and enjoy? See, if your life is dull in general, well, sex won’t really be as wonderful, will it?

One of the biggest misconceptions we follow is that sex will fix it all. Actually, it hardly does.

One can hardly let sex be the defining factor of happiness and success.

See for yourself how life is just now, Gargi. Find your mojo and maybe sex will come back. Whether it does or not is rather irrelevant at this point. Na hi ho, so what? You could be off sex for a long period of time but that won’t mean the sex quota in your life in done and over.

In lieu of sex

Just because you began early does not mean your sex quota is done and over with. Neither does it mean that you are going to be a dry old maid, sitting in a corner with a cat, downing drinks and coffee to feel alive and clearing cobwebs under the staircase and her chaddis.

Sexy options

Who knows what or who is waiting for you, just around the corner. Maybe a person or maybe a realisation. Maybe a charmer in irresistible packaging or maybe a new junoon to follow. It can be the scent of a wo/man, or of a great, fun romp. It could also be a great job opportunity in Buenos Aires. Now that’s a turn on, is it not?

To protect the privacy of the author, the person in the picture is a model.

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