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Five ways to save the planet while having sex!

Does having sex affect environment in any way? Yes! If you love your planet but also love having sex, here are some tips to go eco-friendly.
  1. Stock your condoms
    If you are looking forward to a year with lots of sex with your partner, you should ideally stock up on condoms in advance. This can save you a lot of your packaging costs and prove to be helpful for the environment by generating less packaging waste.

    Condoms are supposed to be biodegradable as they're made of latex (natural rubber) but the anti-breakage additives make them harder to break down. There are a variety of eco-friendly condoms available, you just need to find what suits you best. Lastly, flushing a condom down the toilet can cause harm to your sewage systems. It leads to the collection of excessive raw waste in natural water bodies. Dispose them wisely in the trash.  
  2. Choose your toys carefully 
    When looking to purchase a sex toy, you must ensure that it’s waterproof, rechargeable, and phthalate-free. Phthalates are chemical compounds that make plastic flexible, transparent and long-lasting. These chemicals are potentially harmful to the environment, carcinogenic and may cause infertility. You can switch to other eco-friendly options like solar-powered toys, or glass sex toys.
  3. Make use of organic lubes 
    Lubricants make your sex life better but before you stock on them, ask yourself something. Are you sure that you aren't going too fast or not giving enough time to yourself or your partner to naturally lubricate? You'd be surprised to know that a longer foreplay with women can actually help cut costs on lubricants.

    Sadly, most of these lubricants and other wellness products are tested on animals. PETA reports that 219 animals are killed every minute in labs in the US. To avoid causing further harm, you can make use of natural lubricants like saliva or clean water. Cocoa butter makes up for a great natural lubricant and there are some great organic lubes in the market too!
  4. Save electricity 
    Making love becomes better when it is enjoyed wholly but you can make do without those fancy lights or air conditioners. Put the lights out and bring the candles in. Natural flowers can be used in the bedroom instead of air-fresheners.

    You can spice up your sex life by using fancy LED lights or music but remember that all of this sexiness may cost a lot to our environment.  And how about doing it outdoor sometimes? Under the stars? Just remember to ensure privacy and safety.
  5. Don't be messy or too choosy 
    Being messy entails using lots of products and resources excessively during sex. Using tissue papers, sheets, soap, lubricants etc economically can really contribute towards a better environment. One of the ways to adopt eco-friendly sex is to not have messy sex, generate less waste and have more pleasure.

    Similarly, going overboard by choosing sexy lingerie and toys that you might not use frequently may add up to the resources being wasted. Moreover, some of these items may cause yeast infection.

This article was first published on April 22, 2017. 


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