Happy sex helps cut stress
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Five ways in which sex can boost your productivity

By Harish P Saturday, July 1, 2017 - 10:06
A healthy sex life could make you a better employee at work. Surprised? Read on to find out how you boardroom performance could be linked to your bedroom performance!
Amping up your bed action helps you sleep better

Unable to sleep well? Is this interfering with your ability to be functional and stable during daytime? May be sex is the answer to your sleep woes. Several studies and experts have suggested that there could be a link between having more sex (especially right before sleeping) and sleeping better. A Psychology Today article even mentions this as one of the natural remedies for poor sleep. Think about the science involved here, and it all seems to add up too. The oxytocin released during sex helps you relax – which is the primary requirement to find good sleep!

It's not just apples that keep doctors away

Just looking back and thinking of how many of your leaves went wasted as sick days? Falling ill frequently obviously makes you less productive at work. But worry not! Studies by researchers at Wilkes-Barre University in Pennsylvania suggest that regular sex reduces risks of colds and flus. Because it increases the Immunoglobulin A levels in your body, sex could be the most enjoyable way there is to boost your immune system.

Sex could be the most natural painkiller available to you

A University of Munster study suggests that sex helps resolve headache problems in a significant manner. Improvement in chronic pains like leg cramps and arthritic pangs have also been reported often. So before you head towards your medical kit for that indispensable pill of aspirin, think of this little, old natural trick called sex. Regular, healthy sex might just help you to manage your pains better and be more active and efficient at work the next day.

Sex caters to the matters of the heart in more ways than one

As you age, how healthy your heart is becomes one of the key determinants of your overall health. A lot of professionals today shy away from bigger responsibilities at work for the fear of a health backlash. But there is good news! Regular sex (even twice a week) could help you have a healthier heart, especially for men! While similar research with respect to women's heart health is not really available, no exercise is bad for the heart – male or female. Think of it this way – sex is no less than cardio in most senses which has the added benefit of keeping the estrogen-testosterone balance in your body at the right levels.

Make more love than money

Productivity is as rooted in our psychology as in our physiology. And we know about the number one psychological enemy to basically everything – stress! Now, A British study surveyed several subjects to conclude that sex does make most of them happier than money would thanks to its stress-relieving powers. This is interesting, given how it brings in a new perspective to our goals and aims. And it doesn't necessarily mean going broke as the headline might suggest. Regular, happy sex might as well end up being more stress-free and focused at work resulting in the best of both worlds – love and money!


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