On my first night, he did not like my vagina
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On our first-night, husband did not like my vagina

By SaumyaLM Friday, August 18, 2023 - 11:00
Sonam had envisioned a movie-like wedding, imagining her husband Vicky lifting her veil on their first night. However, during the honeymoon, he surprisingly proposed anal sex instead of vaginal, leaving her with conflicting emotions. Curious about what Sonam's husband asked? Explore the story she shared with Love Matters.

Expectations crumble

Just like many girls, I had big dreams about my wedding day, fueled by the science of Suhaagraat in Bollywood movies. I imagined a romantic scenario where my husband would gently lift my veil on our first night, and we would share a sweet smile as the room dimmed.

It started with a kiss on my forehead, and we slowly got closer to being physically close. However, as soon as he tried to go further, he stopped suddenly.

I was really confused by his sudden change in behaviour. Vicky told me that he didn't feel the tightness he expected, and he said it felt empty inside. He also mentioned that he didn't feel the usual pressure on his penis. He even asked if we should try a different position, like having sex from behind. This conversation left me feeling unsure about what to do next.

Caught between dreams and doubts

I was left speechless by his confession. Not only were my dreams falling apart, but Vicky's questioning look made it seem like I was hiding something about our private life. Even though I assured him I was a virgin and had no past relationships, the doubt in his eyes stayed.

This repeated every night. Our attempts at being physically close were always met with him saying, ‘I don't feel the tightness I expect, and I don't enjoy our sex. It seems like you're keeping something from me about your past.’

These doubts went on for two weeks, and they made me suggest something I hadn't thought of before. I proposed to my husband that we see a doctor for professional advice. At first, he hesitated, but my determination convinced him. The next morning, we found ourselves at the doctor's office.

Discovering the truth

I talked to the doctor about what Vicky was worried about. I explained that he thought I wasn't tight enough down there. The doctor also shared his opinion, saying he believed a vagina should feel tight based on what he's seen. 

The doctor asked my husband some detailed questions about his sexual activities, like how often he masturbates and how strongly he grips his penis. As we listened, it seemed that excessive masturbation could be the main cause of the problem.

The doctor's diagnosis

Vicky admitted that he used to masturbate a lot, holding his penis tightly and moving it quickly during those times. The doctor explained a critical thing: the feeling he had when masturbating, the tightness and grip in his hand, was very different from the natural way the vagina feels, with its flexibility and unique sensations.

He advised Vicky not to unfairly blame the vagina or doubt a woman's sexual experiences by making this comparison. Vaginal sex is different to hand masturbation, he emphasized. Vaginal muscles are flexible and elastic and they expand when one has sex. However, they return to their normal size after sex. 

A path to renewal

Vicky really took the doctor's advice to heart, considering that excessive masturbation with force might have led to the sensation of not feeling tight. He recognized the importance of following the doctor's recommendation, which meant abstaining from both sex and masturbation for a few days.

As we patiently waited for about two to three weeks, we started to see some remarkable improvements. Our moments together became much more pleasant, and a sense of happiness grew between us. It was like a breath of fresh air, and we felt a renewed closeness. The guidance we received at that critical time played a pivotal role in revitalizing our relationship, steering it back to a positive and fulfilling path.

To protect the identity, the person in the picture is a model and names have been changed. 

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