Would you pay for sex?
Patryk Kosmider

Would you pay for sex?

By Yolande D'Mello Sunday, January 10, 2016 - 00:00
Is paying for sex a guilt-free experience or a moral no-go? We asked five young Indians if they would dole out cash to get laid.

A professional service

- Rohan (26), copywriter.

“My biggest fear is the legal repercussions. Soliciting is the same as buying recreational drugs, if you ask me. If it is about having a good time and experiencing something new, I’m not a prude in those ways. I would not try hard drugs because I’m scared that it might be a trap but I’m not opposed to trying a new high. Similarly, I think if I were on holiday in a country where prostitution is legalised, I would give it a go. It’s one of my wildest fantasies. These women are professionals; they would know exactly what they are doing.”

No act of love

-Prateek (28), engineer.

“No, I don’t think I have it in me to pay someone to sleep with me. I’m an emotional person and intercourse is an act of love. I’m constantly goaded by my male friends for being ‘unlike a man’ in this aspect but I still believe that meaningless sex is not as satisfactory. Maybe, that’s just me.

I would also feel extremely uncomfortable being with a woman who has had to be with so many men. I don’t believe it is a job that these women choose willingly. It all has to do with circumstance and that’s a heavy subject to stash at the back of your mind while you seek pleasure.”

Purely business

-Ameena (28), assistant director.

“Honestly, I’ve watched Pretty Woman 20 times and I’ve never thought about what I would do in this scenario. This surprises me.

I think I would pay for sex. It seems painless and cynical. It’s a purely business transaction. Also, I think most men are too caught up in their own satisfaction and lack the skills to pleasure a woman. This seems like a viable option. Of course, one would have to worry about the safety aspect.

People get caught up with the taboo of paying for sex but if you think about it, it’s the same as paying someone to clean your house or drive you around. I think if prostitution is legalised in our country, there will be more people who will change their attitude towards it.”

No build up

-Gurusahej, 22, student.

“Hell no! Okay, maybe when I’m old I may have a different opinion on this. But right now, I don’t think it’s so difficult to get sex that one would have to pay for it. Also, I think I enjoy all the things leading up to sex too much to give it up.”

Very convenient

-Kevin (33), market research analyst.

“Sure, why not. I know a lot of single people my age who have an arrangement with a friend or ex where they meet up for casual sex. I’ve had women I’m interested in dating ask me about this and if I would be willing to have sex with them. That means it is not an uncommon scenario among other men and women either.

Finding a friend-with-benefits can be seen in the same way as paying for sex except that there isn’t an exchange of money but simply an understanding.

In fact, paying for sex when I need it would be a lot more convenient as well.”

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