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The biggest hygiene peeves when it comes to sex?

By Josephine Dias Monday, March 28, 2016 - 15:47
Bad breath, dirty hair or body odour can really affect your sex life. We spoke to few people to know what turns them off during sex.

I can’t handle dirty nails’

-Daniel Peters* (31), Media professional

I have a weird problem with dirty nails. The first thing I notice about a woman I intend to get intimate with are her nails. If they are dirty, that is an immediate turn off. I usually make an excuse and just say no to her. I don’t mind nails that are painted or talons – the sharper they are the better! But dirt in your nails means you aren’t really looking after them. Who knows where those fingers have been and what they have done? The thought itself puts me in a bad mood. I would rather not spend time in bed thinking about that.

‘Bad teeth means I won’t kiss you’

-Manali Ram* (35), Social worker

The first time I said this to a guy, he called me shallow. It may well be a shallow thought but I like teeth that are well-taken care of. It tells me you care enough about your appearance and not just the outer layer that’s on display. I like men who floss and brush regularly and ensure they don’t have cavities or other problems. If I’m going to be kissing you or if you’re going to go down on me, a clean mouth will obviously help increase the pleasure. I ensure that my man always brushes his teeth before we have sex.


Unkempt feet

-Alisha Mathur* (25), Student

I have a fetish for men’s feet. Basically, I love men with well-groomed feet and nails. I don’t expect them to undertake pedicure regularly, but general cleanliness is always appreciated. Obviously this is too much to ask for because most men I’ve been with have really bad feet – ingrown toenails, long nails, cracked and dirty soles etc. This usually means I’ve been put off even before having sex. It generally goes downhill from there. These days, I just tell them to put on socks so I don’t see the feet and get distracted.

Wild bushes

-Brandon G* (22), Student

If there is one deterrent to sex, it is bad hygiene. I know feminists around the world will hate me for this but I am attracted to women with less or no body hair. I am talking about the pubic region and armpits – two places that are usually involved in sex. Other parts of her body don’t make a big difference.

If I am going down on her twice a night and have to face an untamed bush, I wouldn’t feel like doing it again. I’m not saying it is dirty to have pubic hair but even I trim my hair regularly and keep it in control. It’s basic grooming and I don’t think it is too much to ask for.

‘Watch where you rest!’

-Asha Subramaniam* (28), Media executive

You know how it is when you’re at someone’s house and in the middle of hot and steamy foreplay your fingers suddenly make contact with a piece of gum on the bed or leftover food? It’s the weirdest thing to happen to me and it still creeps me out. If you’re going to have sex on the bed or on the floor or even on your dining table, how about cleaning it before calling someone over?

I’ve blatantly refused to sleep with people if their house is dirty. I don’t see anything romantic in pushing aside stacks of clothes, dusting off dog hair, throwing away used plates and then getting hot and heavy. My OCD usually makes me want to sit and clean the place thoroughly before even lying down.


*All names have been changed on request.

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