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Why do women fake orgasms?

There are many reasons why women fake orgasms. Shame of not being able to orgasm soon enough, boring hook up or just being tired. Love Matters asked a few young women their deep, dark secret…

Love on the go: Top tips from pros

Love and relationships
While the idea of hooking up with a stranger in a foreign land may sound thrilling, it comes with a list of yays and nays. Love Matters India get the lowdown from experienced travellers.

You want to have sex, but are you really ready?

Making Love
Sex and sexual expression is a beautiful but a deeply personal gift. In all the excitement surrounding sex, it is important to remember that you, and only you, can determine when you’re ready to have sex. In case you need some help, here are some things to keep in mind.

Does your sex life need a timeout from social media?

Love and relationships
Let’s face it: we are all addicted to our phone and spend a lot of time on it daily. But is social media also entering our bedrooms? And could it possibly affect our sex life and connection with our partner? We weigh the evidence.

So what’s your cheat limit?

Love and relationships
There is no ‘definition’ of cheating. You can consider it a scale, with people believing some things are more damaging than others. Is it a physical act like lovemaking or more of an emotional loss of faith? Everyone has their lakshmanrekha. We ask people what’s theirs!

The moment I knew my marriage was over

Love and relationships
Shivani married Deepak for love but soon realised that love doesn't really conquer it all. Several things make for a happy relationship and even if one ingredient is missing, the result could be quite bitter. Read on to find out what got Shivani to separate from her partner of six years.

Nine years, zero orgasms

Love and relationships
It is very common for women to not orgasm via penetrative sex. Is that stressing you out as well? We speak to a young woman, who missed out on the big O for nine long years, and how she finally ended the drought.

Porn and relationships: The X-rated debate

A new study by the University of New Brunswick, which looks at the impact of porn on both men and women, has found that watching porn can be detrimental to people’s sex lives. Is porn really all that bad? We spoke to five young Indians to see what’s their experience been like.

Body weight: your most painful moments

Our Bodies
People often feel sad if they hear comments on their body type or shape. But what’s a perfect or ideal body size for men or women? Find out what our readers have to say…

My best friend is a gay

Sexual Orientation
Many straight people grow up only hearing negative things about homosexuality. So then what happens when you actually meet openly gay people for the first time? We ask three young people.

Being honest about my bisexuality

Sexual Orientation
Ashley discovered that she liked men and women both. It didn’t stop her from loving herself. Read how Ashley deals with traditional societal norms while being bisexual.

The biggest hygiene peeves when it comes to sex?

Making Love
Bad breath, dirty hair or body odour can really affect your sex life. We spoke to few people to know what turns them off during sex.