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Should I try sex with an older woman?

By Auntyji Tuesday, December 24, 2013 - 07:30
My friends have been asking me to try sex with an older woman. Should I take their advice? I am 22 and have always had partners my age or younger. I don't fancy older women, but my friends say I'd learn from the experience. Sanjay, Bangalore

Auntyji says… Sanjay puttar, I hope Bangalore mein sab khairiyat hai? Betaji, there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting turned on by older women or being in a consensual relationship with them. I completely approve as long as both the people involved are happy about it. But that does not seem to be the case here.

See Sanjay, from what I understand you are not really attracted to anyone older than you. But just because your friends have been telling you, you feel you should try the experience.

Not comfortable

Betaji, personally I would never do anything just because my friends wanted me to do it. If you said you were attracted to an older woman and wanted to have a fling with her, I would have said ‘why not?’

I have a very simple funda in life: always do things that make you happy, as long as they don't hurt anyone else. And from what I understand you are not very keen on having sex with an older woman yourself. So I don’t see the reason why would you do anything that you are not comfortable with.


And as far as your friends’ logic about learning from an older woman’s experience is concerned, I would say it is just another overrated stereotype. After Savita Bhabhi happened, I think quite a lot of you young folks started noticing women out of your usual age group. I know that older women are expected to be more experienced and hence experts in carnal matters.

Now this is a stereotype and one doesn't necessarily have to go by it.So very often the expectation is that older ladies will be able to act as 'worldly' wise teachers to 'guide' younger men into the fine arts of sexual pleasures. If you believe that story, then be prepared to get disappointed. Kama Sutra wasn't mandatory reading for earlier generations either. That said, as a feminist I am happy to note that the women in their 30s have many more options now.


So Sanjay puttar, clearly age doesn't matter – but how you treat your partner is the key factor in any relationship. Most important thing is that you don’t force yourself on anyone and also don't participate in any sexual activity that you are not comfortable with.As far as learning is concerned, I say that we all learn from each other all the time.

Whether young or old, if you enjoy being with your partner, it will definitely be an enriching experience. But personally I would not get involved sexually just with an agenda of learning from the other person. I personally don’t even think it will even very useful.

This article was first published on 15/01/2013

To protect the identity, the person in the picture is a model and names have been changed. 

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Tue, 01/15/2013 - 22:45
myself P***** from bangalore now i am 22year old infront of my home a aunty is living her husband living in some other state,her age is 38 and when i am alone in my home she comes to my home she shows her boobs and navel if anyone comes she suddnely closes them and also she told me that womens gets exited by touching they have more interest in sex than boys is it right, aunty ji plz plz answer for this question i m in trouble i am not getting what she want i am ready to have sex with she want sex with me......?
I m arya from rajasthan i m stuck in a situation. I always had an affection towards my chachi . I always had feelings for her but never told her. She is just 28 and i am 24. Nowadays we are close enough and one she told me that she would be happy to be with me for the life time but scared with the family issues. Due to this she sometimes talks to me and sometimes not. I cant control to be with her. I always fantasize her. what should i do...what should i tell her?? is it right to do so? how to get over it...? please help me.
Arya, beta come on!! Ok you have a loving crush on chahchi but beta this is quite a big risk you know. I suggest you take a small break form chahci and stop these long talks and sharing etc. See Arya, its not easy for he ror you to be in a sexual and romantic relationship being in such a close relation- yes or no? do you really see this going far? But for a secretive sexual relationship, where do you think this could go? Be a little cool beta and think very carefully. I understand you both have become very close but beta, this is not a very smart thing to do. May you find good sense. all the best
Hello aunty..i am 25 year old, i am very sexy by nature, ii live with my aunty because she dont have any child. her husband is not 20 year old than her, she live in village, she is not satisfied with her husband, most of time i thousght she is taking intrest in me, she touch me many time as i also touch her ass, she give positve sign, as she sleep with me on my bad, during night i also touch her boobs, i think she want sex, how to go for that
Hunny bete !! its very bad I must say, what you thought is not the matter, morality is the matter, she is your aunt, she look after you. How could you think like that, you must stop your behaviour hence it could create a problem for you and for your family too.
Boss, before doing all these nonsense activity, keep it strong your side.'whatever you have done with your aunt,its not only by your concent but also she give her consent'. If any misunderstanding create by your aunt in future you also prepare by proof.
Hello aunty. i am 27 year old male. ilke to have sex with old leady. my aunty who is approx 62 year old. i want to have sex with her. she is agreed but she told me that she is not able to satifsy me, so please tell me how to make sex better
I always get turned on whn I see my uncles wife but I am afraid to approach her or to seduce her . I thought of giving sleeping pils but am scared !!she talks with me alot as considering ne as her child !! auntiji suggest me some wayss to seduce her ?
There is no way to seduce you own Chachi or whatever she is, you mad boy!! Are you crazy? Has she given you any reason to believe she want to have sex with you? Do you know what having sex with a family member means- ist very difficult and extremely complicated. Here read this and beware that your Uncle does not get wind of your “desires and fantasys” woman
Auntiji .I am 43 yrs old and unmarried. I respecr woman. In first order.I get attracted to woman easily . Woman when seeing me think of sex. But I am not missusing it. But I am human don't I. I have feelings. But now my problem is my neighbour ainties show interest even now I had run, but today aunty came to my doorstep and I shifted place but talking to someone she also shifted her side and later went down stairs to say hi and I understood and did not see her . Then she came back of me . Later I understood her husband was out. She came back before he returned. I like her. I want to give. Sex pleasure. How to start . Please reply.
To begin with we are not sure if she wants to have sex or you think she does. Do keep in mind that engaging in sex with an Aunty may seem fun and casual but can turn into a very difficult situation, such as social embarrassment, unwanted pregnancy, blackmail. For ideas around sex, check these links. You can try them in English as well.
My dear Roshan, I wish there was a readymade solution for this dear!!! Just make friends first, go out meet people and interact… not with the express purpose of having sex, but to be a smart fun person who is very attractive!! Yes? If you would like to join in on a further discussion on this topic, join our discussion board, "Just Ask" .
Aunty ji me 20 saal ka hu or Meri bhabhi 23 ki ek din galti se me sex Kar baitha or fir 2 saal TK aise hi chalta raha h me ander hi ander gutata rahta hu mujhe Mera Bhai bhut pyar karta h me usse dokha nahi de sakta or Meri bhabhi bol rahi h agar usse breakup Kiya to sucide Kar legi me barbad ho Chuka hu Kuch Rasta batao depression me bhi dawai chal rahi h jine ka maja khatm ho gya h
Beta Rahul, sach mein yeh bahut gambheer stithi hai. Ab jo aap mehsoos kar rahe hain - woh gilani hai - sankoch hai - shayad. Bhabhi dhamki de rahee hain - suicide ki - yeh black mail hai beta. Aapko ab kuchh aisa karna hai ki bhabhi kuch shaant see ho jaye - aur koi taish mein kadam na utha lein. Ahista ahista - yeh rishta samapt karna shuru karo. Unhe kaho ki ab aap sex ka rishta nahin rakh paayenge - aapko bahut dukh ho raha hai - ityadi- Koshish kar ke kuch dino ke liye - yahan se bahr jaane ka plan keejiye - bhaabhi se door. Please - koi sms/ wassp ityadi pe saboot ya nishani mat daaliye - ki kal bhabhi yeh bhaiya ko dikha dein.. gusse mein ya dukh mein. Koshish keejiye - dekhiye stithi kya bantee hai. Doori banane ka kaam shuru keejiye - lekin slowly . Apne aap ko shaant rakhiye - aur unhe bhi. Yadi aap is mudde par humse aur gehri charcha mein judna chahte hain toh hamare discussion board “Just Poocho” mein zaroor shamil hon!
Im fantasize Abot my aunty, she is 35 .she is a mother of 2 boys (primary school). Her husband is in abroad ! We talk about the actress affair and hot scenes which we see in movies ! Sometimes she reject the talks, i want to fuck her ! Plz help me because of her I masturbate 2 times a day , should i give sleeping pills to her and fuck her! Will she know it later if i do so
HAVE YOU GONE MAD, Akshay beta? What you are saying is RAPE. Sex with an unconscious sex is RAPE. It's very important for both partners to consent for sex. If she gets whim of your fantasies and thoughts and makes a complaint about you to the police, what do you think will happen to your life and career? What if she tells her husband? A woman is not just a sexual object. Respect women around you just like you respect the women in your family. If you would like to join in on a further discussion on this topic, join our discussion board, "Just Ask”
Apne se umar mein badi mahila ke saath sambadh ke bare mein bahut se log sochtey hain. Lekin apki is soch ke kaaran kahin aap kisi badi musibat mein na padd jaye isliye zara aap swayam chintan kar lijiye, aur soch lijiye. Jara yeh writup bhi padh lo : Yadi aap is mudde par humse aur gehri charcha mein judna chahte hain toh hamare discussion board “Just Poocho” mein zaroor shamil hon!
I use to have sex with so many older women and it was so addicted. Since I left school I just went for older women. I m married to a older woman who use to be my teacher and we have 4 kids during our 4 years together. Only been married over 3 years.
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