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She chose me for her first time as I was experienced

*Shubhi and *Atharv were colleagues and also friends on social media for a long time but had no intentions of being in a relationship. However, one day, Shubhi came to him with a demand that took Atharv by surprise.

*Atharv works as a program manager in an IT firm in Delhi.

From colleagues to something more

Shubhi – a twenty-something, vivacious yet shy girl, worked at my office but we were in different departments. We were colleagues for two years but still did not talk much except a few hellos and some work related stuff. However, we were connected on Facebook and used to like each other’s pictures often.  

One day as I was busy making some reports, she suddenly came to my desk for a chit-chat. Though I tried to answer her questions casually, my mind couldn’t stop thinking about this sudden change in her behaviour.

She had never come to my desk earlier during work hours.  We sat together till lunchtime. To top it up, she also got me coffee post lunch and spent some more time with me, much to the envy of my colleagues. When we were leaving for home, she gave me a hug in the parking lot and I knew something was on her mind.

Demand for sex

I went on with the flow and we talked a lot about ourselves. I now knew she liked road trips, good coffee, sweets and many other things about her. I also told her more about my likes, how I loved my bike and also about my fiancee *Shagun, who lived in the US and also about my upcoming marriage.

She began to drop me home and sometimes I dropped her. To really figure out the situation, I invited her to a bar for drinks after office. After having some whiskey we were in the mood to talk more openly about our lives.

What followed next was completely unexpected! She told me that she wanted to have sex with me. I was undoubtedly taken back. Looking back now, my immediate reaction was a bit rude.

‘Why don’t you have sex with your boyfriend with whom you regularly posted pictures?’ I told her. She started laughing out loud after hearing my question. But her answer was a shocker. She told me that she was a virgin. I had no problems with her being a virgin but I after being in a relationship for more than three years, I didn't expect her to tell me this.

Sacrifice sex for a career

Her boyfriend was good to her, sometimes kissed her but was not interested in sex, she told me. She considered breaking up with him soon. She went ahead to reveal that while building her career she never thought of having sex during her younger years and was single until the age of 24.

Then I asked her the obvious question. Why me? She told me that she wanted to have sex with an ‘experienced man’ and I was the obvious choice. I was sexually active since school.  At 29, I’ve had enough sexual experience to know about clitoral orgasm, doing oral sex and contraceptives. I never told anyone about my sex life in order to protect the reputation of the woman I was having sex with.

I assume she might have sensed from office rumors that I was more or less better than other guys in the office. I thought of taking things ahead. Shubhi and I now knew each other well enough, so I didn’t feel like a sex object being used for sexual favors.

Intentions clear

However, to avoid any troubles, I decided to make my intentions very clear to her. I told her that this will solely be a short-lived sexual relationship because my marriage was scheduled to be in the next six months. She was perfectly ok with us to be in a sexual relationship without any emotional attachment involved.

To take things forward, both of us went on a road trip from Delhi to Rishikesh on my motorcycle during an extended weekend. We never told anyone in our friend circle or office about our plans and clicked no pictures during the trip.

However, we did not initiate sex the very moment we got a chance. We spent the first night in a motel where we decided to get comfortable with each other physically. We indulged in a lot of making out and foreplay.

The D-day

Shubhi was a bit hesitant on the second day too, so we decided to stay inside the motel and watch a movie together. However, by the time it was evening, I took her out for dinner and chatted with her a lot. When we reached our motel, she was laughing and in a great mood. So was I.

Much to my surprise, she initiated the act by kissing me. I reciprocated by kissing back and in less than few minutes we were laughing and enjoying the whole thing. Her body was shaking when I was about to penetrate her. However, she was very comfortable with me now. To make the experience less painful for her, we indulged in oral sex and I wore a lubricated condom.  

We returned from the trip and next weekend had sex one more time at my flat. As my marriage was around the corner, we decided to put an end to our sexual relationship. We are still colleagues and work in the same organisation. She broke up with her boyfriend and I suggested her to get on Tinder to find more like-minded people.

We still like each other’s pictures on Facebook and her recent comment was on my marriage picture where she wished me for ‘best of luck’ for a happy married life!

*To protect the identity, names have been changed and the persons in the picture are models.

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