Discussing sex with your parents
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Discussing sex with your parents: Are you ready yet?

Talking about love, sex and relationships with your parents is not very easy for everyone in India. We asked some young people what’s their equation with their folks? Did they get sex education at home?

A different perspective

That’s a very interesting question. Except getting into intimate details, I discuss mostly everything about my relationship with my mother. I think it is important to have a conversation with your parents on this matter.

It does result in a lot of fights and arguments as my mother and I don’t agree on everything. Discussing my relationship issues with my mom or even friends offer me a different perspective and a different side to every story.

Aditi (21), student. 

I don’t exist

It really depends on how comfortable you are with your parents. I came out to my parents about my sexuality three years ago. My dad pretended to disregard me and still continues to. I don’t exist for him.

My mother thought it was a phase back then but has now come around it. In fact, she is quite pally with my boyfriend. Except discussing sex, I can discuss almost everything about my relationship with her. So no sex education at home! 

Abhik (27), photographer.

It’s always an issue 

My parents are too judgmental about everything. They have always had an opinion and it is not always encouraging. Especially, when it is about me.

From my choice of friends, college or profession to my favourite sport or actor. I know for a fact that they will also find issues with my present girlfriend. Hence, I am not very comfortable discussing anything about my life, forget relationship, with my parents. Sex education at home is a far fetched idea! 

Aaron (26), chef.

Never bat an eyelid

My parents are awesome human beings. I discuss everything about my life with them and I really consider their advice.

I was in a live-in relationship and broke up later because it got messy. They did not bat an eyelid when I told them about it. I have become quite close to them since then. But sex education - not so much! 

I have always been told to chase whatever makes me happy. I am dating an amazing guy now and everything in my relationship is transparent with my parents, especially my mother. 


Neelam, (23) student.

Break all ties

My friends keep talking about their parents and those open discussions they regularly have. Taking inspiration from there, I once decided to test my parents. I just told them that one of my best friends was in a live-in relationship.

My mom passed a very nasty comment on my friend’s character. I was also told to not interact with her. Since that incident, I know that the only thing I can discuss with my parents is my career and not sex education. 

-  Disha (24), student.

All by myself

I get along with my parents really well but would I ever discuss matters related to sex education, relationship and love with them? No, simply because I can handle that stuff myself.

Make no assumptions. My family is very supportive but I don’t think I need to involve them in my relationship.

Sayli (20), student.

*All names have been changed. Views expressed in this column are not necessarily endorsed by Love Matters.

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