Casual sex. Is it fun? Could it be risky?
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Casual sex: Young Indians speak out

Casual sex – is it fun? Can it be risky? Love Matters spoke to young Indians about their experience with casual sex.

No regrets

-Ali is a 23-year-old mountaineer in Mumbai.

Ali recalls one of the most memorable parties of his life. “We were at my friend’s farmhouse in Chandigarh. We had just got back from camping in the hills. During the camp, I was attracted to a girl who also attended the party. We were sipping wine when I gathered the courage to get to know her better. Very soon we were enjoying each other’s company and spent the night together. It was fun. There wasn’t any remorse the next morning as we were on the same page before saying goodbye. It made me feel lucky,” explained Ali.

Too many emotions

-Smita is an Indian PR expert living in the UK.

Smita was on a college trip when she got intimate with one of her classmates. “I went through a break-up few months prior to the trip and my classmate really seemed to care about me. We made love on the last day of the trip and it felt really good. I remember writing love letters to him once I returned but he never replied. I felt hurt for some time only to realise later that it was mere physical attraction. Recovery was then quicker,” Smita said.

Stress buster

-Debashish is a 28-year-old visual design trainer from Kolkata.

Debashish is pretty open to the idea of casual sex and one night stands. “You should know how to charm your prospective date. Good etiquettes, humour and confidence can end up in a wild night of romance with an attractive stranger, unlocking doors to your fantasies,” Debashish said. Read more about casual sex and stress here!

Reviving your sex life

-Dhruv is a theater artist from Pune.

For Dhruv, casual flings helped revive his sex life. “My past few relationships drained all my energy and I couldn’t focus properly. After one breakup, I started going out more often. I overcame my fears and expressed myself confidently in front of single ladies. A lot of times, I would go missing at nights and often my friends would take a dig at me for this. But, it is exciting to spice up your sex life and make yourself feel wanted,” Dhruv said.

Start of something new

-Priya is a Bangalore-based engineer.

Priya met her life partner from what she had thought of as casual sex. “I met my partner at my office, who was my senior colleague. We were both from the same city and clicked instantly. I invited him to my flat for dinner on the first night and we woke up together the next morning. We slowly developed our bond after that night as both of us loved each other and got married two years later,” said Priya.

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