Apps to spice up your love life

Top 5 apps for a hot love life

Not enough time with your partner? Is your busy work schedule creating a dent in the relationship? Love Matters brings you top five smartphone apps that could spice up your love life.
  1. Couplete
    Think love letters are passé? This app redefines the experience for you. It helps you communicate your love to your partner through love letters. It also allows you to save important dates or events, add wishes to a wish list and share messages, images and videos instantly to let your partner know what you’re up to. It comes with a feature that keeps track of menstruation, intercourse and contraception used through the month, building up passion and excitement in your relationship.
    Android iOS
  2. Kindu 
    Gotta fantasy you’re scared of expressing? Or are you someone who is under-confident in bed and needs a push (not literally)? This app helps you boost your sex life by introducing you to different lovemaking positions, roleplaying, sex toys and other romantic activities. Seek advice from the app and share your wildest desires with your partner. Discuss different ways of making love and learn how to go about it.
    Kindu is available on Android & iOS.
  3. Avocado 
    This app allows you to give your partner all the desired attention with constant messaging through a private chat option, with picture and video sharing ability. Just like Couplete, it allows you to organise dates, tasks and events planned together. It also lets you send hugs and kisses via your smartphone, making you feel closer to each other. With the GPS tracker, you can also see your partner’s location.
    Avocado is available on Android & iOS.
  4. Couple 
    Just like its name, the app is made for two, to share their private timeline and build strong memories. Couple lets you spice up your love life by sharing secret photos and videos that delete themselves after a limited time. The app also helps you navigate through restaurants and other popular places to decide your date venues. To-do lists and the calendar feature help you remember all important tasks and events in one place.
    Couple is available on Android & iOS.
  5. LoveByte 
    This app lets you flirt and chat privately, share photos, videos and songs to express your love, access a shared calendar and photo albums to stay up-to-date. You’ll also enjoy sending compliments to your partner through notes and letters with this app. It also keeps track of your location, battery-level and weather conditions.
    LoveByte is available on Android & iOS.

Do smart phone apps make relationships better? Let us know what you feel by leaving a comment below or on Facebook.


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