Annilingus – Dos and Don’ts

Annilingus – Dos and Don’ts

Butt munching. Ass eating. Rimming. Known by many names, annilingus is an advanced act of sexual pleasuring that is definitely not for the squeamish and faint-hearted. But if you can get over your inhibitions, embrace your body and feel comfortable enough with a partner to let them go down on your A-hole, you can truly discover new levels of carnal pleasure.

Yes, you heard that right. We said A-hole. For the uninitiated, annilingus is the act of giving oral stimulation to the anus. It is akin to going down on one’s partner’s genitals. Traditionally, annilingus was considered to be an activity reserved for homosexuals, gay men in particular. Since everyone has a butt hole, irrespective of their gender or sexual orientation, there is no reason why you cannot indulge in some oral-anal fun, if both you and your partner are up for it.

Annilingus is an intense sexual activity that can heighten the pleasure of foreplay several times over. However, if not done right, it can not only be immensely off-putting but can also expose you to the risk of STIs and other infections. If you’re a beginner or someone who is contemplating venturing into the world of rimming, keep these crucial dos and don’ts in mind for maximum pleasure at minimal risk:

Do: Clean up the area

The partner (or partners) receiving a mouth job on the anus must clean up the area thoroughly before the act. There can be tiny particles of poop or toilet paper stuck on the anal opening, which can make the experience unsanitary and unpleasant without proper hygiene.

Depending on how sanitised or natural you would want the experience to be, you can either douche or just wash the area from the outside. If you decide to douche, make sure you do it right. Read up about the process, get the right equipment and don’t go overboard.

Don’t: Forget protection

No matter how thorough you are with cleaning, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), as well as Hepatitis A, B and C, bacterial infections caused by E.Coli and Salmonella, can still be transmitted during annilingus. Therefore, it is crucial that the act not be performed without protection. Dental dams are ideal for creating a barrier between the giver’s tongue and the receiver’s anus. If you don’t have access to these, you can even cut up a non-lubricated condom and spread it on your partner’s butt hole.

Do: Wash after the act

Just as it is important to clean up before, it is equally vital to wash up afterward. Kissing or other forms of oral sex after annilingus can put both partners at risk of infections. So, rinse and clean your mouth properly before moving on.

Don’t: Rush into it

Just because you’ve decided to give this act a try doesn’t mean you have to go in full throttle at the very first attempt. Dip your toes, test the waters before you take the plunge. It’s perfectly okay to stop after just a few seconds if either partner feels uncomfortable or is not ready for it.

Do: Use lube

The anus may be a mind-blowing pleasure point, thanks to all the nerve endings in the area. But unlike your genitals, it is incapable of creating lubrication naturally. That’s why you must always use lube – and use it generously – so that the experience is pleasurable and not painful for your partner. Even more so, if the intent is to insert the tongue inside the anus.

Don’t: Get psyched up

Annilingus is an experience that grows you on. A lot of people may also feel grossed out by the prospect of putting their mouth to another person’s anus. If you do want to give it a try for the sake of experimentation, don’t be in over your head about it. You won’t be able to enjoy it unless you’re relaxed.

Do: Keep your tongue flat

As a beginner, it is best to start small and build up the momentum depending on how you like the experience. For the first few times, keep your tongue flat and stick to licking.

Don’t: Insert the tongue unless you’re both ready for it

Assuming that you enjoy the experience, you may want to graduate to sucking or inserting your tongue inside your partner’s anus. Don’t do it without any forewarning or discussion. Being taken unawares can totally mar the experience for the other person. Have a frank and open discussion with your partner about your individual experiences and readiness to take things forward.

Do: Weigh the pros and cons

The mind-blowing pleasure is one of the biggest tick marks in favour of annilingus. On the other hand, there are factors such as potential health risks and being uncomfortable with the idea. You must weigh the pros and cons pragmatically – and not in the heat of sexual arousal – to decide whether or not it is the right fit for your sexual lifestyle. Would you like to try it only with a committed partner or are you open to including this act in casual hook-ups too? This is also a pertinent question to address before you go butt munching.

Don’t: Pressure your partner

You may have given this prospect some thought and may feel ready, even excited about the proposition. But it’s not necessary that your partner will feel the same way too. Don’t pressure them into giving in or saying yes before they’re ready. This can not only kill the pleasure of the experience for them but also adversely impact your sex life.

To annilingus or not is a very personal choice. But one that must not be made lightly. Consider the various advantages and disadvantages, and make sure you don’t throw caution to the wind in your pursuit of unparalleled sexual pleasure.

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Arushi Chaudhary is a freelance journalist and writer with 5 years of experience in print publications such as the Pune Mirror and Hindustan Times, and has spent close to a decade writing for digital platforms and print publications – The Tribune, BR International magazine, Make My Trip, Killer Features, The Money Times, and Home Review, to name a few. Of the many things she's written about over the years, exploring the space of love and relationships through the prism of psychology excites her the most. Writing is her first and forever love. You can find her on Twitter here.

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