Coronavirus and sex
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A kiss or sex - can it spread the coronavirus?

Kiss and make-up they say! But not in the times of Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19). Coronavirus is not an STD/STI i.e. it does not spread sexually. However, the act of sex involves close contact of bodies - hands, mouth, tounge, genitals. So if you have sex (or kiss or hug) with an infected person, you too can catch the virus. For more details read the article.

Can I get it from hugging someone?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,  the leading national public health institute of the United States, says the virus can spread from ‘close contact’ with anyone who has been infected. If someone is showing flu-like symptoms (chills, cold, light fever, cough etc) it is advised that we maintain a distance of at least six feet to avoid getting the infection (this applies to corona but also any other flu). Contaminated hands can spread this infection.

So yes, if you hug someone who is infected, you can get coronavirus. 

Can I get coronavirus from kissing someone?

Kissing an infected person could definitely infect the other. Why? Because coronavirus disease is largely spread through respiratory droplets – i.e anything that comes out from a person’s mouth from coughing and sneezing. If you kiss someone infected, it puts you at a high risk. 

Can coronavirus spread while dating?

During a date, two people spend time together  – some might even hold hands, kiss their partner or hug. As explained above, any activity that involves close contact and touch can help spread the virus. The longer you spend with an infected person, the higher the chances are of a transmission. 

Will I know if my date is sick or infected?

Not all people who are infected with Covid-19, immediately show symptoms of the disease. Even when they do, most symptoms resemble that of a common flu (chills, cold, light fever), especially in the initial stages and could be mild. 

So it is really hard to tell who has the Corona virus infection and who does not! Better avoid meeting anyone who has any flu like symptoms. Online dating is a better option. 

Had sex but no kiss - Can I still get it? 

Even if you just went for a quickie (a quick penetrative sex) and did not kiss the person, you may still contract coronavirus because the virus spreads through contaminated hands. 

If you’re having sex with an infected person you’re well within the limit of six feet distance. So yes, you are at a risk of catching the infected. 

Is coronavirus an STD/STI? 

This virus is still new and experts’ understanding of how it spreads is limited. However, coronavirus disease does not yet fall into the category of sexually transmitted diseases/infections (STD/STIs). For now it is understood to be spreading through respiratory droplets from an infected person’s nose or mouth, which can then transfer via hands (that touch the face). And from the hands to any other surface that the hands may have touched. 

Can I be saved by a condom? 

As said earlier, coronavirus is not an STD/STI i.e. it does not spread sexually and a condom alone cannot save you. However, it is important to note that the act of sex involves close contact of bodies - hands, mouth, tounge, genitals - everything. Yes, if you have sex with an infected person, you can get infected through close contact. 

But do use a condom to prevent other STD/STIs and unindented pregnancy

How about oral sex?

The experts know by now that Covid-19 is present in respiratory secretions i.e anything that comes out from a person’s mouth from coughing and sneezing. If you have oral sex with someone, you are going to get in close contact with that person. At the time of writing the article, doctors are still unaware if coronavirus is present in other bodily fluids like vaginal secretions or semen.

But to get infected, close contact with a person is enough. So avoid oral sex  (or any close contact) with an infected person! 

If you’re worried that your partner has travelled to any infected places and could be a carrier of the coronavirus but is not showing signs, hold your sexual activities for some time. Stay safe. 

Is Masturbation ok?

Masturbation (self) is probably the safest way to satisfy yourself at the moment as it does not involve close contact with another person and so minimizes your risk of catching the virus. But remember your hygiene rules. Wash your hands and  genital organs before and after the act.  

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Disclaimer: This article only recommends good practice and should not be taken as medical advice. Please consult a doctor for specific conditions and for official medical advice.


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