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Have you tried the cowgirl pose?

By Kate R Monday, March 19, 2018 - 12:41
Think of sex between a man and a woman and you immediately picture men on top. But what happens when women take to the top. Six men tell us their straddle tales.

She climaxes when on top

I have always wanted to try new positions with my partner and one day she suggested we try her on top. I touched her clitoris while she was straddling me and I was amazed at how good she felt at my act. It helped her reach an orgasm faster than even oral sex. So we do try this position when I want her to climax first but after that I have to be on top for my orgasm.  

*Ramit Gupta, broker, 24

Made us uncomfortable

I made the suggestion to my girlfriend after we saw the position in porn. However, both of us immediately realised it was a mistake. Neither of us was very comfortable with what was happening, and we very quickly abandoned the position. We haven’t tried it since, and I doubt we ever will again.

*Haris Umar, banker, 28

Satisfies girls

I like the cowgirl position, but there is an art to it that not every woman knows. The trick to the position is an up-down sort of motion, which is what satisfies both parties. However, most people assume its a sort of grinding motion, that does very little for the guy, though I believe the girl is very satisfied with it.

*Ankit Rai, research scholar, 33

No orgasm position?

My partner and I have tried the woman-on-top position, and right off the bat, I can say that it was not a position that I was initially comfortable with. In fact she suggested it. But there is something about it that is quite wild — I’m able to really enjoy looking at her. However, there is one thing — I am yet to orgasm when she is on top.

*Mohit Garg, businessman, 31

Women don’t grind

While having sex, there are certain things that men do and certain things that women do. Women are NOT supposed to grind, that’s just the way it is. I was once with a girl who tried it but I soon put an end to it. And while there were many reasons things didn’t work out between us, if I’m honest, the fact that she tried this on me had been weighing on my mind.

*Manoj Bhagat, IT, 31

Like to be in control

When I’m having sex, I like to be in control, and that is something that the cowgirl position takes away from me. Thus, I have never been comfortable with the position.

*Vineet Meena, businessman, 27

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