When the penis size didn’t matter
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When the penis size didn’t matter

Urmi was excited to meet Vishal for the first time after sexting with him for a couple of weeks. They wanted to have sex soon and fixed a date and time. But there was something bothering Urmi. Will it end up like her previous dates? There was something missing! She shares her story with Love Matters India.

Urmi, 22, is a student and lives in Mumbai. 

It was a lazy Sunday and I woke with butterflies in my stomach. I kept thinking about how Vishal and I are going to see each other for the first time at his place. The intention was pretty clear: we were sexting all the time and we both knew what we wanted. 

The reason why I fell for Vishal was very specific, he wasn’t the kind of guy that was only about lust, he knew how to make me feel loved and most importantly he made me feel that I mattered.

What was missing? 

However, there was some hesitancy. I knew I wasn’t ready for yet another disappointment. The guys that I had been with before were futile to give me want I wanted when we made out or even had sex. 

I was often moaning fakely and making up stories of how satisfied I was when the truth was something else. If everything was good - the size, the foreplay, time - then what was the problem? What was missing? This question was in my head all the time.

Nervous and horny

On the day I was to meet Vishal, I shaved my legs and hands! I then lathered myself with a good moisturiser and lots of body scents to smell good. 

While I was grooming myself for the big date, somewhere deep down I had this same feeling - is it going to be the same lousy sex? No feel-good factor afterwards? I wore my favourite lingerie and put on some cute makeup and boom I knew I was ready to make him gaga over me.

I left my house half an hour early for his place. Vishal told me that he was going to see his friends before he was going to meet up. But he was already home when I rang the bell. 

I submitted to him 

The entire house was decorated with scented candles and good old vintage lights to create the perfect romantic vibe. Without wasting any time he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me towards him. His muscular arms were saying hi to me from his white shirt as I saw them expanding. 

When he kissed me, I couldn't resist and kissed him back. He pushed me on the wall and it made us both wild I guess. He held me again from my shoulders and carried me in his arms. I honestly felt a bit submissive but I was liking that side of mine. He was gentle and his dominating side was drool-worthy. 

While we were having a good time I realized I was actually turned on by his actions and gestures. I always felt a certain pressure to maintain a certain demeanour but with Vishal I was vulnerable and he made me feel loved, safe and taken care of. 

He was on top of me and I felt protected. There was no pretending moment during the entire time we were making love. I loved how he kissed me on my forehead right after we had sex just to make me feel that it was not just about sex it was about the love we had. 

‘The way you make me feel’

Whatever I had with Vishal, it felt right, it felt nice and I had never experienced this before. His gestures were enough to make me horny. I realised it’s not always about hitting the G spot or about the damn size for some of us it’s also about gestures. 

The way the man treats me. 

We all are different, some of us have a dominating side and some of us enjoy being submissive or maybe there are people who are in the middle of the track. But the conclusion is the way you make the other person feel matters the most.

To protect the identity, the person in the picture is a model and names have been changed. 

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