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Would you have sex before marriage?

Love Matters India asked many young people in Mumbai what they think about sex before marriage and here is what they had to say.

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Gayathri Bhaskaran says, “We’re all a curious lot. Anything you ask us not to do, we end up doing it.”

“If both the partners think they don’t need sex before marriage, then it’s fine. But if they feel that they need it or it happens, it’s not a bad thing,” says Deylyn Norohna.

Shirley D’Costa says, “Everything used to be controlled. Sex was supposed to happen after an arranged marriage, which I don’t think happens as much any more.”

“Every time you want to do something new, you want to be good at it before you do it the right way around. It’s always good to do a little bit of practice before you’re perfect,” Shoeb Shaikh thinks.

Mitali Adhikari thinks sex before marriage itself isn’t a problem: "The problem is that the girl is having sex before marriage.”

Shasvathi Siva has a simple explanation: “You’re in a relationship and you make so many decisions - this is just another one.”

Tamanna Jaisinghani says you could do what you like, “But your parents will never accept the concept of casual sex.”

Aabha says, “If two people are in love with each other and don’t believe in the institution of marriage or just want to express their love, they should have their space.”

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