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'I had to answer uncomfortable questions'

This video is part of a global campaign “Step Into Our Stories, Step Into Our Shoes” for access to safe and legal abortion by Love Matters in partnership with WGNRR.

The doctor knew we weren’t married! [VIDEO]

Suman and Abhay were in their early 20s. They couldn’t even dream of having a child at their age. But Suman missed her periods and an abortion was necessary. Scroll down to see the video where Abhay tell his story.

How to know is my partner is a virgin [VIDEO]

There is no single way to define virginity. In its most simple explanation, virginity can be described as the state of not having had sex. Scroll down to check this video that explains virginity.

Arranged marriage, love marriage: what’s best?

Arranged marriage – outdated? Love marriage – a risky business? What do young Indian people today think? We hit the streets of Mumbai with a camera to ask them.

Ways to make love to her [VIDEO]

You can make love to a woman in many different ways. Masturbating her, having oral sex and intercourse. Always remember, foreplay can be an important part of your sex life. Pleasure doesn't always mean intercourse. Scroll below for the video that explains various ways to make love to a woman.

Orgasm: What’s the big secret?

Last week, Love Matters India team asked young people what’s the big secret about orgasms. We got a potpourri of interesting responses. Watch the video to know more…

‘A Small Nick or Cut, they say…’

The film features Dawoodi Bohra women and men speaking, boldly and earnestly, about the need to end Khatna, or Type I Female Genital Cutting.

Breaking menstrual taboos

Love Matters asked young women in Delhi to share their experiences and differences around menstruation. Watch them challenge common stereotype and bust some crazy myths.

What’s the right age to lose your virginity?

Is there a right age to have sex for the first time? This week, we asked some young Delhi-ites for their views about the right age to lose one’s virginity. Watch what they said in this snappy video…

Asexuality: the ins and outs

Within the sexuality spectrum, asexuality is the least spoken about. What is it then? And why don’t we know more about it? Love Matters asked some of its fans for their views on the topic.

Perfect body image: Young Indians speak!

What's an ideal body size? Does body type or shape matter to you? Do you want to change the way you look? We asked some people what they think about body image.

Young Indians speak on dowry

Dowry has plagued Indian marriages for quite some time now. Hear our fans from Delhi sharing their views on how to deny dowry. Watch the video now!