Right Age for Sex

What’s the right age to lose your virginity?

Is there a right age to have sex for the first time? This week, we asked some young Delhi-ites for their views about the right age to lose one’s virginity. Watch what they said in this snappy video…

Do you have to be a particular age before having sex for the first time? When should you ideally lose your virginity?

At Love Matters, we know that everyone’s thought about the issues but it’s difficult to talk about them openly. So we decided to bust the taboo around losing virginity by asking some Delhi-ites what they thought was the right age to have sex. Watch this video to know what they have to say.

Maturity and understanding

"There is no particular age that's regarded as the right age to have sex. Right time comes with maturity and right understanding of what you want. It doesn't necessarily come with age all the time.

No one is going to refer to the constitution before having sex. It is an impulsive decision but it certainly has to be a right one."

Shivani Karkera, 28, choreographer. 

Choice and consent

"According to me, the right time or age to have sex is when you're completely aware of what you are doing. A lot of young people have open mind and opinions about sex. It really comes down to  a person's choice and consent."

Disha Joseph, 25, social worker and writer.

The internet has the answers

"Before having sex, I was lucky enough to receive my sex education through school but there were some doubts I couldn't ask my teachers. One day, I found myself alone at home. I decided to log on to the internet and learn all about sex. Later, I watched a few porn clips and got really excited."

Rahul Singh, 24, research scholar.

All names have been changed on request.

Watch the video to know what young Indians think about the right age to lose virginity and share it if you like their opinions.

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