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‘He would want more this time’

Making Love
Rashi asked Yuvika if she should have sex with Karan. She felt unsure because she had only recently met him in Goa. Is a good first impression a green light for sex? Yuvika tells Love Matters India how Rashi made her decision.

When I bought my first condom

Making Love
‘The staff had probably never had a woman ask for one’, Akriti tells Love Matters of her first time buying condoms at a store. The real problem though was explaining them about lubricants, she chuckles!

‘Wait till you can vote’

Making Love
When Vihaan was with Chitra all he wanted was to have sex. And then suddenly he was thinking about not having a voter’s ID! What’s sex got to do with voting, Vihaan tells Love Matters India.

What is Virginity: Top Facts

Making Love
In most cultures, including ours, first-time sex comes with a significant amount of taboo, mostly focused on the notion of virginity. It is a concept full of myths and is wrongly considered to be a women-only problem. Read our top facts to clear the misconceptions and learn all you need to know about virginity.

Can I lose my virginity if he goes down on me?

Making Love
Hi Auntyji, my partner and I want to have oral sex but I am scared. I wonder if I will lose my virginity through oral sex. Can you please advise? Sneha, 18, Kanpur.

I'm fat, so what?

Female body
She has been called fat, motu, ‘healthy’, plump. But Anika is still waiting for the day when her weight won’t be the only thing people use to describe her.

I wanted to slap my daughter

Unsure about being pregnant?
‘How could Lavi and Rohit be so careless!’ Lavanya’s teenage pregnancy had shocked her mother Shobita. She didn’t know whether to punish her daughter or take her to a doctor. What would you do? Kya Doge Saath?

Is Hymen Reconstruction Surgery worth the pain?

Making Love
Since a torn hymen is associated with loss of virginity in many cultures, women who worry about the taboo often consider undergoing a hymen reconstruction surgery. But can hymenorrhaphy, also known as the surgery that can ‘restore virginity’, deliver what it promises?