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Young Indians speak on dowry

Dowry has plagued Indian marriages for quite some time now. Hear our fans from Delhi sharing their views on how to deny dowry. Watch the video now!

In India, the system of demanding dowry from the bride's family is one of the major reasons why many marriages have problems. Families that cannot afford to pay huge sum of money are subjected to discrimination, violence and other forms of torture (both physical and mental).

From unfulfilled expectations to harassment, dowry as a social stigma has had many victims (women, men and children) in many parts and communities in virtually every corner of the country. To recognise such cases and help the victims fight back, section 498A in the IPC pronounced demanding dowry as a non-bailable and punishable offence with upto three years of imprisonment.

To map what's the current status of our society on dowry, Love Matters asked a few people to share their thoughts on the matter. Watch the video to know what they have to say.

Dowry in India: What's your view?


Dowry is clearly a deterrent to the progress of a modern society like India. Despite illegalising it, there are innumerable married couples and families who fight unjustified dowry expectations and its consequences even today.

This menace shuns freedom of women in an arranged marriage setting and creates grave challenges for basic rights. The law in place has not only failed to kill the idea, but also has been repeatedly misused. Misuse of anti dowry law shows men have also been falsely booked for harassment or abuse by their wives. Dowry is a result of lack of adequate legal enforcement to safeguard the rights of poor, voiceless families and the rot in the social psyche as a whole.

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