Myths around menstruation

Breaking menstrual taboos

Love Matters asked young women in Delhi to share their experiences and differences around menstruation. Watch them challenge common stereotype and bust some crazy myths.

Shikha (name changed), a 24-year-old library assistant from Delhi visited her hometown during Diwali. Living and studying in a modern city for last four years has changed her a bit. When her mother warned her from entering the temple, she blatantly refused to agree this time. She told her mother very clearly that periods had no relation to temples or deities. She also expressed that she was taught wrong things about periods.


Many women like Shika are breaking menstrual taboos in India. Education and awareness about sexual health has brought this positive change in the attitude. Women are constantly challenging stereotypical notions that do not seem logical.

Last week, we set out on the streets of Delhi to ask young women how they felt while being discriminated during their periods. Pickles, temples, milk products... Hear some of their responses and share your story too.

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