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Does it smell bad during sex?

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Hi Auntyji, I am about to have sex for the first time but I am worried about the 'yucky' smells down there. Please help. Gurpreet, 21, Delhi.

Painful sex? You’re not alone

Sex Problems: how to overcome them
Why is intercourse painful for some women? Recent British research sheds some light on dyspareunia, a common – but not well understood – sexual problem among women.

When I learnt the trick to orgasm

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Megha had no idea how women get to an orgasm. She turned to her friend Vinita who taught her the 'touchy touchy'. Megha tells Love Matters' writer Arpit Chikkara how she learnt to 'help herself' with the new trick and a dose of sexy imagination!

Irregular periods: could it be PCOD?

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Irregular periods, acne, weight gain, fertility problems – if all this is bothering you, ask your doctor if it is polycystic ovary disease/syndrome (PCOD/S). PCOD occurs when a woman’s hormones are out of balance.

How to delay periods?

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Hi Auntyji, I am going on a beach holiday but the dates clash with my periods. How can I postpone my periods and is it safe? Samina, 24, Shillong.

Top tips to deal with periods and everything else!

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We often think of the female period cycle as those 3 or 4 days in a month when a climax scene from a horror movie drops into our panties. But in reality, a woman’s body cycle is roughly 28 days long. Here’s how to manage your full cycle in a happy and healthy way.

Unmarried and scared to go to the gynae, help!

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Hi Aunty ji, I recently went to a gynecologist (female doctor) for exploring contraceptive options and the first question she asked me was – are you married? I felt really embarrassed. How should I deal with such a situation in the future? Shristi, 21, Gurgaon.

Clitoris: All the facts on the ‘love button’

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Love Matters gets you all the gyaan on the female organ, whose job is to sit back, relax and generate orgasms. Now, is that good life or what!