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Why Seema bhabhi buys really long vegetables?

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Once at a vegetable market, Jyoti overheard two female vendors giggling about how Seema bhabhi always buys really long vegetables. The stress was on the vegetables being ‘long’! This confused Jyoti. Why would anyone think about the length of the vegetables? She shares her joyful discovery with us.

‘Was my vagina tight for him?’

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‘But there was a secret. A secret that I hadn’t revealed to Jithin yet. I was achingly waiting for Jithin to come and hold me, but was also scared about what could happen next,’ Hina told Love Matters India as she shared her story.

How I discovered my clit!

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When Preeti first found out about her clitoris and how pleasurable it felt to touch there, she felt guilty instead of feeling happy. How did she discover it? She shares her story with Love Matters India.

Painful periods: Causes, treatment and when to seek medical help

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Are your periods really painful and make you want to stop working and just lie down for all those days? Let’s look at some of the causes of painful periods and also what you can do about them.

Does regular sex makes vagina loose?

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Apprehensions about loosening of the vagina and ways to tighten it are among the most common queries we receive from our readers. Can regular sex impact the shape of the vagina? Does an altered shape or reduced elasticity impact sexual pleasure? If so, how? Let’s separate the myths from facts.

Spotting – What causes bleeding between periods?

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Have you ever experienced a fleeting spell of bleeding between two menstrual cycles? As unnerving as it may seem, this phenomenon known as spotting is not unusual. A majority of women experience it at least once in their lifetime. And for some, it is a frequent occurrence. Let’s learn more.

Abortion is not a substitute for contraception

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Love Matters India brings the best advice from gynaecologists for women seeking an abortion.

Vaginal itching: Causes, symptoms and remedies

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Got the sudden and dire need to itch down there? It’s bothering you so much that you can’t focus on anything. Let’s find out what could be the reason and what can help.