Orgasm: What’s the big secret?

Last week, Love Matters India team asked young people what’s the big secret about orgasms. We got a potpourri of interesting responses. Watch the video to know more…

When Love Matters India team stepped out on the streets of Delhi to speak with young people, little did we know that these youngsters would be so open and welcoming talking about sex. We had lots of fun asking them intimate questions about their sexual lives, especially orgasms.

These young people were unabashedly sharing their opinions and thoughts. While some said that they were still expecting their best orgasm, others already shared the intricacies of their joyful moments. Some people had no clue about orgasms or even G-spot at all.


We generated a pastiche of responses on orgasms from both men and women. It is clearly visible in the video that men would mostly think of women when talking about orgasms. From grinning blatantly to discussing pleasurable feeling while having an orgasm, women have associated orgasms to sexual satisfaction.

At the end, we asked some women and men whether they ever faked an orgasm. To our surprise, many women said yes, they have faked an orgasm at some point for their partners. Few men were completely oblivious to faking orgasms. Watch the video to know what these people exactly think about orgasm.

What are your thoughts on orgasm? Blissful or messy? Share your comments here or on Facebook. If you like our video, feel free to share it widely. For any personal question, do visit our discussion forum.

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