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Top 10 myths and facts about sex toys

Fifty five percent of Indian women are eager to try sex toys, according to a study by Durex. It’s time to throw the myths out of your bedroom and bring the toys in…

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  1. Sex toys are illegal in India
    While this is a reasonable assumption to make, let us stop you right there. There is no, in fact, NO law in India which specifically states that selling and/or buying sex toys or sexual wellness products is illegal in India. As long as the products are packaged, marketed and advertised in ways which are not deemed ‘obscene’ or ‘vulgar’, there are no laws being breached.
  2. Sex toys are only for the ‘forever alones’
    Woah, hold on. Single people aren’t losers who magically transform into happy bunnies once they find their perfect partner. And individuals who want to be sexually satisfied are not perverts. But without going deep into Dr. Phil territory, let us just say that sex toys are widely used by happily single and awww-inducing couples alike. There are toys for everyone. Buying and using sex toys does not make you a loner. Far from it - it shows your willingness to take your pleasure into your own hands. It can also suggest that you are open and confident enough to explore new, exciting sensations with your partner.

    Similarly, a vibrator or a dildo can never ever replace your partner. You cannot cuddle with a vibrator or watch a movie with it. A vibrator won’t buy your favorite things. Sentience trumps silicone. Sex toys are just a facilitator of some fabulous times between the sheets.
  3. Sex toys are used by couples who have problems in the bedroom
    If only we had a dime for every time we heard this one. It is a complete myth that adult toys are only for people who have a problem in the bedroom. While toys like pleasure rings or couples’ vibrators can help take the pressure off couples. They have also been known to help women achieve orgasms more easily. And, they are equally useful in spicing up your routine.
    If anything, your partner will be impressed that you are finding ways to make them feel even better. They will be more than happy to return the favour. So you have nothing to lose except your inhibitions.
  4. Women using toys are no longer virgins
    Where do we even begin with this one? Virginity is NOT some badge of honour. It is not a measure of your worth and it certainly is not a ‘prized possession’ as so many women are led to believe. And losing (or not losing) your virginity is a personal choice. Sex is an intimate act between two people - highlight being ‘people’. Using a sex toy does not mean you’re losing your virginity.

    As for the whole hymen breaking argument, we’re just going to leave this video here.

I'll never reach orgasm any other way anymore

  • Using sex toys doesn't mean you won't be able to reach orgasm any other way. A study done in the US in the late 90s found that fifty per cent of the women who used vibrators to reach orgasm also masturbated in other ways. So don't worry too much about getting addicted to the vibrator, it's not a real person after all!
  • I can lose sensitivity because of sex toys
    This is general doubt women have with using vibrators and dildos. There's no real research to show that clitoral stimulation using a sex toy could lead to desensitisation permanently. Depending on what toy you use and how you use it, there's a chance that you might feel a bit of temporary desensitisation.
  • Sex toys are not meant for beginners
    We all have to start somewhere, right? There are plenty of toys for beginners. Whether you are exploring your body by yourself or with a partner. You may want to try lubricants or even invest in a tried and tested toy perfect for beginners, like a bullet vibrator, which is discreet, easy to carry, and focused on enhancing female pleasure. A little bit of research (and trust us, there are a lot of sources out there) goes a long way.
  • Talking about sex toys might scare your partner away
    Most people would love to be with someone who is confident and not afraid to ask what they want. Have you considered that your new-age, progressive partner may not be intimidated at the suggestion of using a sex toy together? They may just be excited to explore a new element of your lovemaking.

    The next time you are hanging out, you may want to casually indicate your interest in sex toys and see how it goes. Just don’t whip out a monster dildo, without any warning during the act and you should be fine.
  • Sex toys are not safe for use
    As long as you stick to trusted high-quality brands, most sex toys (as is the case with any consumer product), come with detailed product descriptions that indicate how to use them. Depending upon your comfort, you can start with easy-to-use toys that are suited for beginners. If you buy your toy from a reputed store, rest easy that those products are made from body-friendly materials. Do not buy one from a shady store with questionable practices.
  • Sharing sex toys can't lead to STIs
    If you're planning to share your toy with someone, it's important that you use the necessary protection because using a dildo or a vibrator with other people could expose you to the risk of STIs. You need to use condoms if you're sharing sex toys and replace them with fresh ones every time you swap. Once you're done, don't forget to wash the dildo or the vibrator with a suitable disinfectant.

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