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Can you masturbate too much?

Did you know the British government promotes masturbation? Or that masturbation can cure a common penis problem? Read on...
  1. Can you masturbate too much? It's okay to masturbate regularly. Even if it's more than once a day, it's not a problem. There is a limit – but it’s not about the number of times. If masturbation gets in the way of your daily activities, and you can't go to school or work or meet friends, it can be considered too much, experts say. But only very, very few people have this problem. If you are worried about masturbating too much, you can always talk to your doctor or another health expert you trust.
  2. Masturbating each other You can also masturbate together with your partner, which is a form of so-called ‘outercourse’ (having sex without intercourse). Ask your partner what he or she likes and watch the body language closely. Sighing and moaning and heavy breathing are good signs! It's important to know that all guys and girls are different and what might have worked yesterday or with another partner might not be a turn on this time. If you are unsure what to do, ask your partner to show you what gets them going and help you.
  3. Prevent a common penis problem Remember that we said masturbation is good for your health? Well, it can even prevent an unpleasant penis condition! Prostatorrhea is a problem mostly seen in men who for religious reasons don’t masturbate or have sex. The men will notice a discharge from their penis while peeing. Doctors reckon that all it is seminal fluid – it’s so bottled up that it literally starts leaking out! Young men can get sexually excited several times a day – whether they want to or not. Then the male genital glands start secreting fluid. These secretions build up and if they’re not released through ejaculation, they’ll seep out during urination.
  4. Masturbate-a-thons A Masturbate-a-thon is an event in which participants masturbate in order to raise money for charity. They want to increase awareness and clear the shame and taboos around masturbation too. It was a San Francisco sex shop that first came up with the idea, but now there are editions held around the world. The event also gives away some awards – the current record holder for non-masturbation pleasured himself for an impressive 10 hours and 10 minutes. Women seem to have less endurance: their record lies at 7 hours, 6 minutes. And the furthest distance ever covered with ejaculation? 4.22 meters! Fancy taking on that challenge? (For the record, anything from dribble to super-squirt is normal.)
  5. An orgasm a day Some European countries, like the UK and the Netherlands, encourage teenagers to masturbate daily. They say that it's a healthy way to explore your sexuality. Health officials claim it helps teenagers to delay first-time sex until they are really ready. UK officials are also trying to reduce the number of teenage pregnancies by promoting masturbation. They say that just like exercising a few times a week, masturbating will keep you happy and healthy!

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