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Abortion: top five facts

Unsure about being pregnant?
Abortion - much has been said about whether or not women should have the right to decide to abort a foetus. A lot will depend on your religious or personal beliefs and its legality in your country. Read more on abortions in our top five facts.

Abortion: myths busted

Unsure about being pregnant?
Abortion is a topic people feel very strongly about, either in favour of or against it. And with all the myths there are, it's good to know which ones are wrong before making up your mind about abortions.

Wet dreams: top five facts

Male body
Wet dreams – waking up in the middle of the night to wet and sticky sheets. Weird and unnatural? No, perfectly normal! Can women have them, too? Let's find out more in this article.

Sexually transmitted diseases: top five facts

STDs, or sexually transmitted diseases, can be a nasty side-effect of sex. It's easy to protect yourself from them though. And you should, because some are incurable or even fatal. Read all about STDs in this week's top five facts. 

Using contraceptives - common side effects

Birth Control
Birth control methods help to avoid unwanted pregnancies. But they can mess with your body too. Before you choose a new method, consider these side effects wisely.

What is Ipill or morning after pill?

Types of Birth Control
Emergency contraception? A night of passion, a slipped condom, and a rush to the pharmacy or clinic in search of a ‘morning-after pill’. There are many options you have, so don't panic – find out more in this article.

HIV/AIDS: Myths busted - Part 1

Many people are afraid of HIV and for good reason. Wherever there is fear, there is also lots of room for misconceptions. Don't worry though: we are here to bust the myths and leave you confident about your HIV knowledge.

Sex toys: top five facts

Ways to Make Love
Sex toys aren't just for people with an abnormally high sex drive. Sex toys are increasingly used by regular folk to aid masturbation or add some excitement while having sex with their partner.

Relationship problems: Top five causes

Relationship problems
Every relationship hits a rocky patch. How you tackle issues before they become real problems is key in not letting your love fail. To help you keep an eye out, here's a special edition of the top five series on causes of relationship conflicts...

Friends with benefits: Best of both worlds?

Love and relationships
Friends with benefits, sounds like a dream come true for some people. Sex with no strings attached. Just sex whenever you both feel like, maybe some cuddles afterwards. But then you move on with your single life. Is this the ultimate way to have sex?

Depression after childbirth: Top 5 facts

For many mothers, the time after giving birth is not joyful. They suffer from postpartum depression (PPD), also known as postnatal depression. Read our top five facts!

7 reasons why sex is good for your health

Making Love
Sex doesn't only ensure pleasure, but also has many positive health effects. Don't believe it? These seven scientific reasons tell you why sex is good for you.