A simple solution to a common penis problem

A simple solution to a common penis problem

Prostatorrhea is a disease which mainly seems to affect conservative men. Dr. Hussein Ghanem, sexologist at Cairo University, says the symptoms may be alarming, but the cure is simple: more masturbation.

“We see prostatorrhea most often in young men who have never had sex and don’t masturbate for cultural or religious reasons”. What happens is the men notice a discharge while they’re peeing. It gets squeezed out when there’s increased pressure on the pelvis.

Infected penis?

“About once or twice a week a patient comes to my clinic and complains of discharge. I always ask him if it happens all the time and if he gets stains in his underwear. If that’s the case, he probably has an infection. ” If not, Dr Ghanem is pretty sure he’s dealing with another case of prostatorrhea.

Right now, Dr. Ghanem says this is the most common complaint related to penile discharge in conservative societies - more common than gonorrhea or chlamydia. “We presume that the secretions are seminal fluid. Young men can get sexually excited several times a day. They see something which arouses them or they simply fantasize about sex. When that happens, the male genital glands start secreting fluid. These secretions build up and if they’re not released through ejaculation, they’ll seep out during urination.”

Masturbation is the “cure”

So how can this be treated? “We encourage them to masturbate“ says Dr Ghanem. “ Usually they’re happy because they can relieve themselves of this problem."But sometimes the men are worried because they’ve been frightened by myths about masturbation. “Then we get into religious discussions with them” says Dr. Ghanem.

“We quote different interpretations and opinions about masturbation in Islam. Many Muslim scholars believe masturbation is okay because it may help prevent people from practising pre-marital sex. It’s a safe way to satisfy your sexual needs.”

99% of young men masturbate

“We also tell them that not masturbating is really worrisome because 99% of young men masturbate. Some people suggest this is a mental disorder, but I don’t think so, given that the discharge disappears when the patient starts to masturbate. So we just give young men the license to do it.”

So far there’s very little hard data on prostatorrhea. For this reason Dr Ghanem and his colleagues have started a started a masters study into the classification of this problem and the characteristics of these patients. “We need to do research to gather evidence to prove our assumptions”.


Have you had experience with this condition? Let us know how you dealt with it.

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Sir I am 21 year old.& I have been masturbating for last 7 year .and now I am in big problem like lack of interest in sex , penis size ,penis erectile & MY PENIS HAS BEND TOWARDS LEFT... PLZZ HELP ME SIR MAI BAHUT PRESHAN Hu...help me
Thu, 02/04/2016 - 16:00

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Lekin bete in sab ka karn hastmethun bilkul bhi nahi hai kyunki yeh ek safe /surakshit tareeka hai apni santushti karne ka. Isse koi nuksaan ya beemari nahin hoti. Zara yeh padh lijiye: http://lovematters.in/en/resource/penis-shapes-and-sizes http://lovematters.in/hi/news/4-signs-you-have-erectile-dysfunction https://lovematters.in/hi/news/erection-trouble-where-turn
tasaduq hussain
Wed, 09/13/2017 - 12:28

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sir my penis iz small but i using to daily sex there iz no sex problem but my problem iz small cock or pennis sir tell what should i do please
Relax, man! As you already know, size doesn't make a difference. Sorry, but there is no way to increase the size of a penis. Read more about this here: https://lovematters.in/en/resource/penis-shapes-and-sizes https://lovematters.in/en/news/penis-top-five-facts https://lovematters.in/en/news/worried-your-penis-too-small https://lovematters.in/en/news/what-women-penis If you would like to join in on a further discussion on this topic, join our discussion board, "Just Ask” https://lovematters.in/en/forum
Are you sure you are not under any kind of stress/tension? Please understand that it’s necessary to be stress-free to have sex. Read about this here:https://lovematters.in/en/news/4-signs-you-have-erectile-dysfunction https://lovematters.in/en/news/erection-trouble-where-turn If you would like to join in on a further discussion on this topic, join our discussion board, "Just Ask” https://lovematters.in/en/forum
Thu, 12/11/2014 - 20:34
Sir may startmay bauth hastmayaitun kartatha par mayra penic yak dam choto aur patla ha please give solve sir
sir gd evening ,, plz help me , sir actually mari problm ye h ki mujko pichle 3 din se period chal rha h o mane kal raat (17/01/2015) raat 1:00 am ko sex kiya h or mai unmarried hu , plz ab muje bataye ki mai kya kru Thank you Neha
neha,condom ka istemal kiya ho to prblm nhi ho skti.. n i think know it.. or condom use nhi kiya .to please sure kre ki aap ko pregnancy rhi h ya nhi.. ya fir 72hr ki jo tablet h..use le lena chahiye to b koi dhikkt nhi hoti..
sir,i have a prblm in my dick from 2 days,sir pehle dick normal tha,but kuch days se jd dick k top ko upper se niche ki aur krta hoon,to hlki si pain hoti hai,nd dick jab hard ho jata hai nd fer buhat muskil se oska top k mass upper se niche hota hai nd buhat hi jyanda tight ho jata hai nd pain v hoti hai hlki si,plz tell me solution
dear sir/madam mere panis pe barik barik dane ho gye h jo khujli v dete h avi 3-4 days hi huye h ib sab ko.
Gdevng sir my age is nearly 26. I have a hard penis there is a problem for my penis since two days it is notgetting hard as much as before plz sir give me a solution to work in a proper way
Sir mai jab toilet karta hoo uske bad mere penis se toilet k drop release hore..sir its my humble request .sif tell me sir what i need to do..iam worry about this plssss sir
Sir mai jab toilet karta hoo uske bad mere penis se toilet k drop release hore..sir its my humble request .sif tell me sir what i need to do..iam worry about this plssss sir
Sir ma 24 years old hu aur ma unmarried hu. sir marko aap sa ak solution chaiya. sir bahut pehla sa Hand practice karta tha abhi takh. Aur mera penis stand hota hai but jab ma sex karta hu toh tabh mera penis baith jata hai. Aisa penis agar koi ladki usko hath bi lagaya toh wo khada rehata hai aur bahut jaldi discharge ho jata hai. But jab ma ovary ma dalna lagta hu toh wo baith jata hai. sir plz iska lifetime perfect solution batao. plzzz My E-mail id is [email protected]
ling ka size bada karnay ka koi bhi tarika mojjud nahi hai. Ling ke size ki sahi jaankari yaha se hasil karo aap : http://lovematters.in/en/resource/penis-shapes-and-sizes Aur Please size par mat jao, apna andaaz achcha karo- unke saath timing bitho theek hai? All the best
Tibin Jacob
Tue, 05/19/2015 - 18:31
Sir, this week , I see small pinples like dots on tip of my penis. But thre is no pain or iritation... What is this? And how can I solve it? This is nit happened by use of bad innner weares.... Sir I'm in a big tension... Please help me ,please replay..
Jacob, have you had unsafe sexual exposure? If not then you need not worry it can be the heat, poor hygiene or an allergy. Please check for all these. Wear loose cotton underwear, keep clean and see doctor asap.Just relax.
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