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In the name of progress, researchers are forever discovering the reasons behind why we do the strange things we do. Here and updates and explanations of the newest science around sex.

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Is sex a fun option to burn calories?

If you also want to burn calories but prefer staying in bed rather than going to the gym, then why not do something stormy in bed? Does sex help in burning calories? Is there truth in this? Let us find out!

In love with Tina, but got a crush on Ria?

Have you been drooling over the new person in your neighbourhood? But… you are in a relationship? Don’t fret. Rather than being bad news for your relationship, a crush could actually work wonders! How? Read on.

Enjoying sex is good for you

People who really enjoy sex have a healthier mindset, research shows. If you love oral sex and have fantastic orgasms, you probably feel pretty good about yourself!

Why masturbating is good for women

Masturbating has very real benefits for women. Those who do have happier and healthier sex lives, research has shown. Still need a little convincing? Read on to find out why.

How can you improve sex with a condom?

To enjoy sex with a condom is easy - just get plenty of variety into your lovemaking. If you find condoms damper your sex life, the good news is that there are ways to make maximise your pleasure.

What Rahul did after his breakup with Tina

Rahul and Tina were together for six months but one day Tina told him she needed a break! Rahul was heartbroken. If heartbreak has left you feeling broken and in pain like Rahul, this article from Love Matters India is for you.

Sex, Love, and Relationship Survey

Your responses are very important to find out what you think about certain topics; topics that are sometimes considered taboo in our society.

Five ways cell phones can help improve your relationship!

Cell phone addiction is bad for relationships and you must have read a lot on that. Now Love Matters India brings five ways you can put your cell phone to good use in your relationship!

Compliant sex: when you say ‘yes’ but mean ‘no’

Have you ever agreed to sex when you weren't feeling it? Many women say ‘yes’ when they’d prefer not to, research shows.

Age gap in romance – pass or fail?

Priyanka Chopra – Nick Jonas, Kareena Kapoor – Saif Ali Khan, Shahid Kapoor – Meera Rajput. Have you placed bets on whether these relationships will last? Well, before you do, hear what science has to say!

What your face says about your sex life

​​​​​​​Can a person’s face reveal clues about their sex life? Recent research shows the surprising way that facial features are linked to sexual behaviour.

For a happy romance, woo your parents!

Remember Deepika Padukone and Amitabh Bachchan –the father-daughter duo in ‘Piku’ or Aamir Khan – the haanikarak bapu to Geeta and Babita in ‘Dangal’? They argue, fight and disagree on almost all the things! Is your equation with your parents also the same? Do they also give you notes on sex education sometime? You may have something to worry. Let’s find out more!