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Five ways cell phones can help improve your relationship!

By Sarah Wednesday, August 21, 2019 - 08:49
Cell phone addiction is bad for relationships and you must have read a lot on that. Now Love Matters India brings five ways you can put your cell phone to good use in your relationship!

When it comes to relationships, cell phones can be a good thing – and a bad one. Cell phones are a great way to stay connected to your partner. But they can also be distracting and the source of intense and unpleasant emotions like jealousy.

If you’re a self-confessed cell phone addict and you’re determined to put the device to good use in your relationship, you’re in luck: sex and relationship coach Jordan Gray has come up with five ways to use your cell to help strengthen what you’ve got going with your partner.

Thanks for being in my life!

Gratitude goes a long way in a relationship. Your cell phone’s note-taking app is a great tool for jotting down the things you appreciate about your partner – whenever they happen. 

You can then use your notes to express your gratitude by sending text messages or a list when your boyfriend or girlfriend least expects it. Wait till you finish reading this page! There are a few more tips to go.


‘You look good baby’

Just these words of praise are enough to uplift your partner’s mood! Thanks to your cell phone you can set reminders to do just that. Praise can be anything from short messages saying you think your partner is awesome to longer notes about the great time you had together on last night’s date. 

You can also save reminders for things you don’t want to forget (like your partner’s mom’s birthday) or things related to your relationship (like a new activity the two of you can do together.


Our to-do love-making list!

Neharika loves it when Aakash kisses her on the forehead. Sahil can’t stop gushing about how happy he feels when Megha hugs him from behind. Things like this – that make your partner happy, can easily be forgotten. 

So, use your phone’s note-taking app is to keep an ongoing list of things about your partner or relationship you don’t want to forget. Also think about activities he or she mentions they’d enjoy doing together or even gifts that pop into your mind. 

Next time you meet them, try those moves! 


Aankhon ki gustakhiyan...

Remember how Aishwarya Rai and Salman Khan compete in a game of who'll blink first in ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’? A great way to put your phone to good use is to set a timer to, well, make eye contact with your sweetheart. 

Try it out for five to six minutes. Though it may feel a bit weird at first, it could be a game changer in your relationship.


‘Can’t wait to kiss you tonight’

There’s a lot of pleasure to be had in building up and looking forward to a good thing. Sex is no different. You could try sending your partner flattering messages about the way they look in a dress you love. Or you could get more explicit, and tell them you can’t wait till the two of you are together to make out or have sex. 

So next time your partner complains about how much time you ‘waste’ on your cell phone, tell him/her how you also make good use of the phone!


Reference: Five ways cell phones can improve your relationship

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