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How selfies can harm your relationship

Relationship problems
About to upload another selfie to Instagram? You might want to think twice. Posting selfies could put your relationship at risk, a recent US study found.

How to deal with sexual assault on social media

Sexual Harassment
Almost half of women have been sexually assaulted online. Here’s what you can do about it.

Painful sex? You’re not alone

Sex Problems: how to overcome them
Why is intercourse painful for some women? Recent British research sheds some light on dyspareunia, a common – but not well understood – sexual problem among women.

Ludo for love

Love and relationships
Have you ever played a game with your partner? Arey, not love tricks. A real game, like carrom, chess or badminton. No? Then try it now! It will boost your mohabbat. Don’t believe us? Read what science has to say.

How to get over erection issues without medicines

Sex Problems: how to overcome them
If you’re having erection trouble, don’t assume that pills are your only hope – lifestyle changes are enough to help many men get back in form, according to the results of a large Australian study.

Couple that watches porn together, stays together?

Do you keep your porn habits a secret from your partner? Why not watch with him or her instead? Recent research shows it could even be good for your relationship.

How long does sex normally last?

Making Love
How long does sex normally last? That all depends on who you’re having it with. The length of intercourse varies a whole lot from one couple to the next, science shows.

Relationship tips for LBT women

Love and relationships
Do you put your girlfriend’s needs before your own? Especially because you think you may find it hard to find someone else. This habit of self-silencing could have a major impact on your relationship and you. Here’s how to avoid this.

How does your partner smell?

Love and relationships
People who are better able to smell their partners’ odours during sex might get more aroused and find the experience more pleasurable. Get sniffing people!

If you want to lose weight, get your partner to diet

Love and relationships
Want to lose that winter bulge? Here’s a fun way: take that gajar ka halwa away from partner. Don’t believe us. Then listen to the scientists.

Romance is the best part of love making – men think so too!

Making Love
When it comes to sex and relationships, what are the most common ways for men and women to heat things up and express their love? Read on for the surprising findings of a large US study.

Condoms reduce fun, not any more!

Making Love
Sex and condoms are two sides of the same coin. They both give us pleasure. If that’s not the case for you, science is here to help.